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Media corner ( What's going on in Media about MQM )

Altaf Hussain says he wants elections held on time,The News International

 Date: 4/7/2013   Views:3715    Source: The News International

KARACHI: Altaf Hussain, the founder leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), has said that he had not made any demand to postpone or delay general elections in the country and the reports appearing in a section of press to this effect are totally incorrect, Geo News reported.


He said this while talking to former president of the Supreme Court Bar Association, former president of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and prominent lawyer Asma Jahangir over the telephone, said a statement issued.


Hussain told Ms Jahangir that he was asked about difficulties and problems arising out of detailed scrutiny of nomination forms of candidates during his press conference the previous day.


In response to questions asked by the journalists, he had stated that the scrutiny should be thoroughly as well as transparent, he added.


However, he said, that there would be no harm in delaying elections by fifteen days or one month with the consensus of all political parties in order to allow sufficient time for the process of scrutiny to be completed.


Hussain said that it was merely a suggestion and not a demand from the MQM. He added that the MQM was fully prepared for the elections. Altaf made it clear that he did not want the elections to be postponed at any cost as he only wanted to the elections to be held on time in a transparent manner.


During the telephonic meeting, Ms Jahangir endorsed the suggestion made by Hussain during his press conference on April 5, 2013. She added that a particular segment of the society wanted to impose their views on the enlightened segment of the society.