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Rally becomes referendum against terrorism: Altaf Hussain

Rally becomes referendum against terrorism: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 7/6/2014 1
MQM Chief Altaf Hussain has addressed a solidarity rally with army on Sunday and said the historical rally got on board all the political and religious parties into a unanimous stance.

Talking to the audience on the occasion, MQM Chief said nation should get ready to take action against all the perpetrators. He said people who had black money in abroad, should be accountable for their deeds and after encountering them the next target would be feudal, landlords and corrupt politicians and would be treated according to the law.

He said people had right to preach their ideology but not through weapons or other ways because no one had right to impose his ideology to others. He said MQM workers and supporters participated in the rally despite the heat and fasting during the holy month of Ramazan.

Altaf Hussain said people from all walks of life, including people’s representatives, social workers, artists, businessmen, columnists, and players, participated in the rally. He also thanked to all the participants especially representatives of other political and religious parties.

He said the solidarity rally had recorded another history. He said Pakistan army deserved the success more than any one. He said successful rally was an evident to appreciate soldiers, officers and generals. He said they had been sacrificing their lives for country’s integrity.

MQM Chief ensured the army that including Altaf Hussain, MQM workers and supporters stood behind the army. He rejected any enforced Sharia to manipulate people’s right to live their lives freely. He said the entire nation was now paying tributes to its army while they engaged in fighting with terrorists.

Altaf Hussain and other participants of the rally once stood to salute army’s sacrifices in the war against militants and extremists. He said when you needed to destroy nation just broke its unity through separating them into communal, cultural, ethnic, sectarians and religious boundaries.

He said the entire nation got on board on the issue to fight against the terrorists and extremists. He said various religious organizations preached their teachings but not through weapons. He said we should not impose our theories to others.

He demanded to bring back all the laundered money which was transferred to the foreign countries. He said the guilt should be penalized without any discriminations of his or her status. He said people who lended money from national and commercial banks and wrote off their account by political or other resources.

Altaf Hussain said, whenever, MQM was given chance to rule the government, it would provide all the basic necessity to the people and would retreat all the encroached lands to build colleges, schools, hospitals and women welfare centres. He said MQM is the only political party which has true democratic spirit to build a democratic system to run the government.

He said MQM wanted to introduce a true judicial system, where everyone could get justice. He said MQM supported true spirit of judiciary despite the culprits’ social and political standings. He said MQM wanted to establish a social system in which, everyone from any religion or sect could live his life according to his spiritual and ritual understanding.

Altaf Hussain said he did a lot to maintain harmony between Shia and Sunni for the last thirty-five year. He said we had to decide against any extremism which led us to fight each others. He thanked to all the participants, the guests and political and religious representatives, especially, Miraj Muhammad Khan, Ellahi Bux Somroo and Sheikh Rasheed to participate in the rally on MQM’s invitations.

5/12/2021 9:06:40 PM