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MQM Condemns Attack on Tahira Asif, Member of the National Assembly

MQM Condemns Attack on Tahira Asif, Member of the National Assembly
 Posted on: 6/18/2014
This afternoon, Mrs Tahira Asif, Member of Pakistan’s National Assembly and member of the Muttahida Quami Movement was attacked in broad daylight whilst going to Islamabad in a local market.

The attack took place at the Moon Market in Lahore at approximately 1430 local time. Four unknown assailants riding motorbikes approached Mrs Asif and shot her at close range after asking for her by name. The assailants then fled without any attempt at robbery. Mrs Asif was then taken to Sheikh Zaid Hospital in Lahore in a critical condition.

Leader and Founder of MQM Altaf Hussain said, “this was a clearly premeditated attempt on the life of an elected MQM parliamentarian; our thoughts are with Mrs Asif and her family as she fights for her life.

“MQM members and supporters have regularly been the victims of violence. Many MQM supporters have been attacked in the last twelve months and three MQM elected Members in the Provincial Assembly of Sindh have been killed in the pursuit of democracy.

“We call upon the Pakistani authorities and the international community to recognise this as yet another case of attempted murder against a member of MQM. The blind-eye being turned to these events must stop immediately.”

Mrs Asif was elected as an MNA in 2013 having joined MQM in 2009.

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