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 Posted on: 6/3/2014 1
London – 3 June 2014
UPDATE 3: London time 5.45pm

The MQM Coordination Committee can confirm that Mr Altaf Hussain was shifted to the local hospital from the police station. Mr Altaf Hussain is undergoing medical checkups at the hospital. Doctors have seen him and asked for blood tests. The fasting blood test will be carried out tomorrow, i.e. Wednesday, at around 11am. Mr Hussain will remain in the hospital overnight. The doctors will decide after looking at the fasting blood test report if Mr Hussain is medically fit to be interviewed by the police or not.
London – 3 June 2014
UPDATE 2: London time 1.45pm

The MQM Coordination Committee can now confirm that founder & leader of MQM Mr Altaf Hussain has been taken to the police station where the Police doctor will examine his health and decide if Mr Hussain is fit to be interviewed.  Mr Altaf Hussain is at present in the police station.
We will continue to update as soon as we receive authentic information in this regard. MQM will issue updates through media for the information of general public.
Earlier Mr Nadeem Nusrat addressed the press conference in Karachi:
London – 3 June 2014
(Update 1: 11.50am London time)

The MQM confirms that in the early hours today, the Metropolitan Police arrived at the residence of Mr Altaf Hussain in North London. They had the search warrant and said that they want to arrest Mr Hussain and take him to the police station where he will be questioned about money laundering investigation.
We would like to inform that Mr Hussain has been very ill for past several days and only yesterday the MQM Central Coordination Committee discussed his health situation and contacted his personal doctor. The doctor visited the residence of Mr Hussain and examined him. He advised to shift him to the hospital. He also consulted with various specialist consultants and it was decided that today, i.e. Tuesday, in the morning Mr Hussain will be admitted to a London Hospital where he will undergo treatment for the next few days.
Today, Mr Hussain was getting ready for the hospital when the police arrived at his house and informed him that he is being arrested for investigation. However, Mr Hussain is still at his residence and our lawyers are in contact with the police.
Mr Hussain is the leader of millions of people who is loved and adored by them. He has always preached for a peaceful struggle. Workers and supporters all over the world including Pakistan are very concerned and worried for his welfare on this news. We also feel and share their sentiments and appeal to the people to control their sentiments and maintain peace at all cost. We also appeal not to pay attention to rumours and keep in touch with the MQM Head Office for factual information.

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