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MQM flays UK govt for freezing Altaf Hussain's bank accounts (The Nation Report)

MQM flays UK govt for freezing Altaf Hussain's bank accounts (The Nation Report)
 Posted on: 5/25/2014
KARACHI - The Muttahida Qaumi Movement on Sunday organised a mammoth public gathering, expressing solidarity with Altaf Hussain in wake of the ongoing investigation against the party chief in the UK.
Addressing on the occasions, various party leaders termed the UK government’s step of freezing Altaf`s bank accounts and launching inquiry into money laundering case nothing but an effort to malign him. They said the MQM chief is the only leader who always stood firm against the religious extremism.
Titled “Altaf Hussain the voice of common people” the rally was held at Tibet Centre MA Jinnah Road. With blaring party songs, the venue of the rally was thronged by participants including women and children, who were holding portraits of Altaf Hussain and banners inscribed with slogans “We Love Altaf Hussain”.     
MQM Deputy Convener Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui called all the political forces to take a view of the gathering in which hundreds of thousands of people came to express solidarity with Altaf Hussain. He claimed that about 2 million people gathered to express their love for their leader. The misunderstood people should have look at this massive gathering that millions of Altaf’s devotees stood here by the MQM chief. He said that some specific families were governing the country and have ignored the poor masses during the last 67 years. Altaf Hussain is the voice of these poor masses, while some elements were active to keep the true leadership away from the political affairs, he added.
Terming the rally a historical event, Dr Farooq Sattar said that the party has organised a public assembly as various attempts are being made keep the MQM chief away from the country affairs. Accusing the British government and raising number of questions, Sattar said if no case, no FIR and even no charge have been logged, then why the MQM chief is being harassed. The MQM had cooperated in the money laundering case, but the UK authorities continued harassing the MQM chief and seized his bank account.
“Altaf Hussain had a great collection of coins, which was ironically confiscated by the British law enforcers. Does coin collecting fall under money laundering?” said Dr Sattar adding that Altaf Hussain had never been convicted and didn’t deserve this kind of harassment at the hands of the U government. He said the MQM chief is that last hope for bring the country out of crises and situation has been created to keep him away from politics. He said, “Does the UK government not aware that it is difficult for a resident to carry on his routine work without having a bank account?”
Sattar said that the UK authorities have turned blind eye towards the money-laundering of Pakistan`s ruling elite, but focused on the MQM chief only. He said they would continue protesting till revenge activities against the party chief were stopped in London. He said the MQM would also move the UK courts against the injustice and unfair attitude of the British authorities.
MQM coordination committee member Haider Abbas Rizvi said the people have gathered here to express solidarity and pay tribute to the party chief for his continuous struggle for the middle class and poor people of the country. “We all are ready to sacrifice our lives for Altaf Hussain,” he added. “Today’s public gathering to express solidarity with Altaf Hussain has declared there is no leader like Altaf Hussain,” he added.
Haider said that at the age of 25, the MQM chief stood against the rotten system and dedicated his whole life for the party workers and poor masses. “We were anonymous, Altaf Hussain gave us the identity” he added. 
Altaf always raised voice against the victimisation of minorities, including Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and even Qadiyanis, but conspiracies were being hatched to stop the MQM chief’s struggle, he said. He said the party would not tolerate any baseless allegation against the country’s armed forces, but the law enforcement agencies should also make efforts to ensure recovery of the missing party workers. He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should pay his role to end the ongoing atrocities against the MQM workers.
MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui in his speech said that the British authorities should refrain from harassing Altaf Hussain. Nabeel Gabol and other party leaders also spoke on the occasion.

5/15/2021 9:56:31 AM