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Amnesty International has compromised its principle of impartiality and neutrality: MQM

Amnesty International has compromised its principle of impartiality and neutrality: MQM
 Posted on: 5/10/2014
Amnesty International has presented one-sided picture of Karachi’s situation
MQM staged a protest demonstration against the partisan and biased report of Amnesty International in front of their headquarters. The party’s office bearers, workers, young supporters, elders, women and kids participated in the protest demonstration.
Rabita Committee members Dr. Farooq Sattar, Tariq Javed, Senator Ghori, Muhammad Ashfaq Manghi, Mustafa Azizabadi , MPA Sindh Assembly Izhar-ul-Hasan, MQM’s UK Organizer Salim Danish and other office bearers also attended the protest demonstration. 
Protestors were carrying placards with slogans that read “We reject the biased report of Amnesty International”, “Shame on the negative propaganda against MQM”, “We reject Amnesty’s bias” and “Can’t Amnesty see extrajudicial executions of MQM workers”. They also chanted slogans against Amnesty International. These protestors shows their reservations and concerns over the report this way.
MQM’s leaders present in the protest demonstration addressed the protestors and talked to media and expressed their reservations on Amnesty International’s recent report. 
“The way Amnesty has implicated MQM in different incidents is outrageous. I will call it vilification and unfair characterization of MQM. This has been intentionally done to malign MQM and dent its good image in Pakistan and across the globe. We reject the report because it has been published to impede a popular party from playing a national role, “ Dr. Farooq Sattar said.
“Amnesty International has misrepresented the judgments of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its report. I will call it a distortion of facts. I urge the Supreme Court to take notice of the report, “ Rabita Committee member Tariq Javed said.
Mustafa Azizabadi lashed out at the Amnesty International at its silence on extrajudicial executions in Karachi by police and Rangers. 
“Our workers are being forcibly disappeared by police and rangers. We are receiving their mutilated bodies. Amnesty never raised voice and concern over the human rights violations in Karachi. Amnesty has compromised its principle of impartiality and neutrality. People have started censuring Amnesty. Officials of Amnesty International should consider legitimate grievances of MQM, “ Mustafa Azizbadi said.
“The report is contrary to the facts and beyond the truth. Amnesty should examination the facts in neutral and impartial manner and try to get facts from all sides before releasing their reports. They will compromise their impartiality and neutrality if they not act in impartial manner, “ Senator Babar Ghori said.
“Amnesty International has presented one-sided picture of Karachi’s situation. It did not try to confirm the reports from independent sources. Its partisan and biased report has hurt the feelings of millions of MQM workers and supporters. This kind of malicious report cannot create mistrust between people and Mr. Hussain, “ MPA Khawaja Izhar-ul-Hasan said.
Dr. Farooq Sattar and MQM UK’s Organizer presented a protest memorandum to the Amnesty’s Asia Pacific Director Richard. 

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