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Altaf Hussain terms 'trusters' of Taliban as 'traitors' to Pakistan

Altaf Hussain terms 'trusters' of Taliban as 'traitors' to Pakistan
 Posted on: 2/23/2014
KARACHI: Committing all-out support for the armed forces of Pakistan in the war on extremist terrorism, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) London-based leader, Altaf Hussain Sunday said that Taliban’s friends were Pakistan’s foes, Geo News reported.

“Trusters of Taliban are traitors to Pakistan. There are no two ways about it. And it should not be forgotten that it were not Taliban who brought Islam to us”, said the firebrand MQM supremo.

He was tele-addressing a rally staged by the MQM to express solidarity with the security forces of Pakistan.

He said that no one believed him when he blew the whistle for the first time several years ago.

"I was not only laughed at for ringing alarms bells about this 'clear & present danger' but was also accused of mongering fear for reasons known better to my critics", said.

He said it wasn't a tempest in a teacup, MQM had foreseen the menace of extremist militancy infiltrating the country long before anyone else did.

"Those who brushed my warnings aside dubbing them as extraneous propaganda didn’t realize what was going on until the extremists came knocking on their doors threatening them to embrace their gunpoint Shariah or die."

Without mincing words, MQM leader said he was not born to lie.

"All of my premonitions have come true. Need I say more", Hussain said.

Going forward, Hussain paid cordial homage to the martyred sentinels of Pakistan who laid their lives in the war on Talibani terror”

5/15/2021 8:47:37 AM