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NATO supply blockade: Altaf censures PTI for ‘adventurism’

NATO supply blockade: Altaf censures PTI for ‘adventurism’
 Posted on: 11/30/2013
Source: The Express Tribune
Lashing out at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) for blocking Nato supplies, Founder and Leader of MQM Altaf Hussain said the parties should ask the armed forces to shoot down US drones ‘if they are brave enough’.
“Why are these parties ruining the businesses of transporters and traders by stopping Nato supplies. The leaders sitting in their air conditioned rooms don’t realise the situation of the poor people,” he said.
Altaf Hussain was speaking at the launch of his book Falsafa-e-Mohabbat (Philosophy of Love) on Saturday night.
He said political adventurists have cut off Nato supplies, but if the US cuts off a month’s aid to Pakistan, the country would not be able to survive and the people would come out on the roads.
He said that the two parties should go to the UN and other international bodies to register their case.

Altaf lashed out at JI chief Munawar Hassan, saying his statements against the armed forces and in favour of Hakimullah Mehsud were a violation of Article 6. “He should be arrested, and a case should be initiated against him,” the MQM chief said.
Altaf said MQM was the only party to speak boldly against the Taliban. He questioned what kind of religion the Taliban were preaching by blowing up schools and mosques.
“Let us talk not about causing one another pain but about sharing pain,” said Altaf.
According to him, his philosophy of love meant being free from greed. He said people should not be patriotic to the country and love it only because they want something back in return.
The MQM chief said intolerance had reached such an extent in Pakistan that several ethnic groups could not tolerate others’ existence. He stressed that spreading love and harmony was the need of the hour.
He said that other countries were faring better than us. “Bangladesh’s economy is better than us. India is becoming an economic giant, while we are still dependent on foreign aid and loans from IMF and World Bank,” he said.
Published in The Express Tribune, December 1st, 2013

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