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MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain raised voice for the farmers

MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain raised voice for the farmers
 Posted on: 4/29/2024
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain raised voice for the farmers

London: 29th April 2024
Today, I want to express my deep concern and outrage over the arrests and mistreatment of farmers who peacefully protested outside the Punjab Assembly against Pakistan's wheat procurement policy.

These farmers are not seeking charity from the government, but rather their rights.

Instead of addressing their legitimate demands and ensuring their rights, they are being subjected to violent harassment and unjust arrests.

The farmers in Punjab and Sindh are pleading with the government to purchase millions of tons of wheat from them.

However, the government has consistently refused, claiming to have sufficient wheat reserves.

This refusal to purchase wheat from the farmers is causing significant distress and hardship.

Interestingly, it has been revealed that there were 4.6 million tons of wheat in Punjab alone last year.

Despite this surplus, the ruling elite imported 3.4 million tons of wheat from Ukraine on October 22, 2023.

The wheat was purchased at Rs.310,0 per ton and sold in Punjab at Rs 430,0 per ton. As a result, it is estimated that this ruling elite profited approximately Rs.85 billion.

This ruling elite's corrupt practices are not only draining the national treasury but also depriving small farmers of their livelihoods. While the ruling elite profits from irregularities, small farmers are left struggling to sell their wheat on the streets at reduced prices due to the government's flawed wheat procurement policy.

It is truly heart-wrenching that the farmers, who peacefully voiced their demands outside the Punjab Assembly, were subjected to torture and arrests by the police.

I strongly condemn this cruelty and urge the government to immediately stop mistreating the farmers.

The arrested farmers must be released without delay, and the government should urgently review its wheat procurement policy.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the farmers' wheat is currently exposed to the elements with the onset of rain. Before thousands of tons of wheat are destroyed, resulting in the complete devastation of these farmers, their produce must be purchased at fair prices.

It is essential to respect the farmers' rights and support them during these challenging times.

6/23/2024 2:53:55 PM