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Study Circle Altaf Hussain April 5, 2024

 Posted on: 4/20/2024


5 April 2024

Pakistan is not a haven for devout and genuine followers of Islam, but rather a nation brimming with infidels, deceivers, and hypocrites.

At the commencement of today's intellectual gathering, I am compelled to inquire whether Pakistan truly embodies the ideals of devoted and faithful Muslims.

Regrettably, I must assert that Pakistan is not a nation of sincere and faithful Muslims, but rather a breeding ground for disbelievers, deceivers, and hypocrites.

A majority of Pakistan's scholars and clerics are steeped in hypocrisy.

If Pakistan were a haven for true adherents of Islam, would the previous military generals of the Pakistan Army have orchestrated the massacre of countless Bengali Muslims in East Pakistan?

Would they have violated the honour and modesty of numerous Bengali Muslim mothers, sisters, and daughters?

Not only did the Pakistan Army subject 5-year-old girls to rape, but they also inflicted this heinousness upon elderly Bengali women.

Yet, did any of the self-proclaimed scholars and clerics of Pakistan raise their voices against these injustices? Did any of them denounce the systematic killing of Balochis, branding it as an unequivocal injustice?

Did any of them insist that the perpetrators of the deaths of over 25,000 migrants in Karachi, as a result of military operations, be held accountable by facing the gallows?

Did any of them proclaim it sacrilegious for Pakistani military generals to grant permission to the United States for drone strikes, which stand in contravention of Islamic principles, advocating that those generals involved should be hanged?

Did any of them highlight the plight of innocent Pashtuns being massacred by drone attacks in tribal areas, an emblem of the army's extensive injustice?

It was only a few days ago when six judges of the Islamabad High Court penned a letter exposing the undue influence exerted by the ISI, but did any of these scholars take a firm stance through a fatwa in response?

Let us not forget the mass killings that transpired on May 9th, 2023. Women were forcibly dragged through the streets, becoming victims of violence, with their veils forcibly removed.

Yet, did any scholar issue a fatwa condemning such acts of injustice and formally expressing our protest against them?

Did any scholar declare their resignation from the Islamic Ideological Council and the Moon Sighting Committee as a form of protest against these injustices?

It is incumbent upon me to comprehend that it is religiously forbidden to pray behind a religious leader who witnesses such oppression and remains silent.

Today's era is not markedly different from bygone times. When the legitimate Caliphate came to an end, and the accursed Yazid ascended the throne, an era of widespread oppression ensued.

During that time, the Chief of Judges, without remorse, issued a fatwa, compelling individuals to pledge their allegiance to Yazid, warning that failure to comply would result in beheading.

Sadly, the role played by most religious leaders today is equally Yazidi, reflecting the abhorrent actions of the Yazidi scholars of that era.

If hypocritical scholars and clerics regard corrupt military generals with utmost respect, then I implore all scholars encompassing various ideological factions in Pakistan to unanimously issue a fatwa, decreeing that the individual who assumes the position of Chief of Army Staff shall also hold the esteemed positions of Grand Mufti, Chairman of the Senate, Speaker of the National Assembly, and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

In the past, the people of Punjab would label Balochis, Sindhis, Pashtuns, and Muhajirs as traitors. However, the people of Punjab are now awakening to the reality that corrupt military generals are instigators of division among us.

It is my fervent prayer that Allah Almighty bestows greater courage upon the people of Pakistan, particularly the people of Punjab, to unite in a powerful movement for change, prepared to make any sacrifice in pursuit of revolution.

With utmost sincerity,

Altaf Hussain

6/23/2024 1:17:33 PM