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Baluchistanis handed over to the Baloch people: Altaf Hussain

Baluchistanis handed over to the Baloch people: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 3/27/2024

Baluchistanis handed over to the Baloch people: Altaf Hussain

LONDON.[UK]: March 27

Founder andleader of MQM, Altaf Hussain, while commenting on the proposal from the ChiefMinister of Baluchistan, Sarfraz Bugti, to end the resistance of Balochfighters and offer dialogue.He saidthat before offering the proposal to present Baloch resistance fighters, theBaloch should be asked what guarantee they can give to the Baloch fighters.Therefore,due to the betrayal of the army with the Baloch leaders who fought for theirrights in the past, the Baloch are not ready to believe in any promises oroffers from the state and the government.Heexpressed these views during a live studio session on TikTok.

Hussainsaid that the recent statement by the Chief Minister of Baluchistan, Bugti,where he said that the government is willing to negotiate with the dissatisfiedpeople of Baluchistan, they should return from the mountains, lay down theirarms, end their resistance and return within the national fabric, they will begranted amnesty.The MQMsupremo praised this move by the Chief Minister of Baluchistan but stated thatthe entire issue is one of political coercion and credibility.Hementioned that historically, Baluchistan was not part of Pakistan, but wasforcibly annexed, and the Baloch have been struggling for freedom and controlover their land since 1948.

The army'satrocities have forced the Baloch to reluctantly resort to armed resistance fortheir rights, but the army has never fulfilled its promises to the Balochleaders, always betraying them. In 1948, during the first armed struggle underPrince Karim's leadership, the Baloch were betrayed, Prince Karim and hiscompanions were arrested and sentenced.Similarly,during General Ayub Khan's era, when the second armed struggle took place underthe leadership of Nawab Nauroz Khan, the army used the Quran to trick NawabNauroz Khan, promising amnesty if they stopped their resistance and came downfrom the mountains.Khan andall his sons and companions were arrested by the army against their promisesand were later executed.With Khan'sdeath sentence being turned into lifetime impressment due to his old age and hewas died in jail due to physical and mental torture.

Hussain asked the participants of study circle what they think should be doneconsidering these historical examples. Should the Baloch resistance fightersaccept the proposals of the Chief Minister of Baluchistan, and end theirresistance while accepting his proposals? All the participants answered ''No''.He saidthat he would ask the Chief Minister of Baluchistan, what guarantee he wouldgive to the Baloch resistance fighters that if they stopped their resistance,they would not face the same fate as in the past.He addedthat he would await the comment from the Chief Minister of Baluchistan.

He statedthat the people of Baluchistan have always been spoken to in the language offorce, even during General Pervez Musharraf's era, instead of honoring theagreements made with Nawab Akbar Bugti, a military operation was launched inBaluchistan.I had aconversation with General Musharraf on this matter, I explained to him that theoperation in Baluchistan would not be in the interest of the country in anyway, and the matter should be resolved through dialogue.I plainlytold him that if a military operation was started in Baluchistan, we wouldleave the government.Because ofour strong stance, General Musharraf withdrew the decision to launch theoperation, but later suddenly launched an operation in Baluchistan and martyredNawab Bugti.He askedthe Chief Minister Bugti, why an operation was conducted against Nawab Bugtidespite the agreement. If the army had not started that operation and NawabBugti had not been martyred, armed resistance would not be ongoing inBaluchistan today.

Hussainsaid that the Baloch people have suffered a lot of injustice, it is time thatBaluchistan is handed over to the Baloch people.

6/19/2024 4:54:57 AM