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 Posted on: 7/29/2023
Nowadays, you are passing through very difficult and hostile circumstances and I understand what the level of your suffering is. I readily absorb your pain in me because what you are facing today is not new for my comrades and me. I had laid the foundation of Muttahida Quami Movement 45 years ago, millions of anonymous and true workers of 
 have also been suffering from the same mental agony for more than 30 years. My comrades are passing through the hostile circumstances greater than ever before but the perpetrators are lucking the dust owing to firm resolve, devotion and  steadfast stance. You are as dear to me as my comrades because I see no difference and don't see you divided politically or whatsoever other reasons. My heart bleeds on seeing you insulted, molested, avoided and witch-hunted. It is deeply shocking that the overwhelming majority of 
 leaders were forced to desert Mr 
 at this testing time. I have a good understanding of your pain, sorrow and mental agony because my dear and sincere workers had to face the worst state atrocities, sufferings and hardships more than this. They had to suffer from raids, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances for years, extrajudicial killings of thousands of workers, torture, hiding and exile, but they didn't lose courage and patience and endured all the atrocities like a man. You may be surprised that out of the hundreds of MQM workers who went missing in the military operation launched against the MQM on June 19, 1992, dozens of MQM workers are still missing even after 31 years. While hundreds of them have been suffering from imprisonment in jails in false cases for many years, they are facing all these sufferings, tortures and difficulties with steadfastness and patience. 
I know very well that since the late 1990s till now, senior members of MQM have been hand-picked by the establishment to create splinter groups such as MQM (Haqiqi), MQM (Haji Camp), PSP, MQM Pakistan (PIB group) and then MQM (Bahadurabad group). After the failure of these groups most of these groups were merged.
In order to break the PTI,  a group called "Istehkam-e Pakistan Party", “PTI Parliamentarians” and “PTI Ideological" have been formed. The leaders of PTI who parted ways with PTI and joined the parallel groups created by the military establishment, all their sins were forgiven and the leaders who did not accept the "pressure" are either imprisoned in jails or exiled. They are forced to taste the hide-peeling fire of Hell and along with Mr  Imran Khan are being declared as terrorists, enemies of the country and traitors of the country. At this crucial moment, you acquired the ability to judge what's the genuine treason and what's the fabricated story or false charge. The long fabricated  tales of extortion, sacked corpses, anti-nationalism and treason against the MQM, comrades and me. It must have been understood that such false accusations are thrown on the leaders and workers who don't bow down and their image is damaged. In the same way, activists who stand up to the "establishment", remain handicapped and can't do their business, are forced to jail, exile, hide or remain silent. You can now realise that neither MQM, nor my comrades nor me are terrorists or enemies of the country. What you should do is the question of the hour and I urge you to remain steadfast because the state atrocities will die soon. You must learn from MQM comrades, from their firm resolve and devotion. Thus, you will defeat the tyrant forces. I wish you every success. Stay blessed.

July 29, 2023.

7/17/2024 7:20:44 PM