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 Posted on: 7/19/2023

Perhaps, Punjabis are the most naive people in #Pakistan because the cunning top brass in the Pakistani military establishment misled and deceived you through a notorious agenda of maligning the other communities through satanic propaganda. The top brass in Pakistani military establishment and ISI continued with their unending notorious agenda against the #Baloch, the #Sindhi, the #Pashtun, the #Mohajir , the #Gilgiti, the #Baltistani, the Hazara, the Seraiki, the #Kashmiri, and other nations which are settled in this piece of land for centuries.
The notorious agenda of the military establishment and ISI has completed 75 years which is the age of Pakistan today. The naive Punjabis have been affected in one way or another, causing them to view the non-Punjabi nations especially the Mohajir nation as enemies of the state, traitors, and agents of India. Because of this, the naive Punjabis have been misguided to believe what the military establishment and ISI. told and taught them. Military crackdowns against the Mohajir and other non-Punjabi nations were thus taken as justified by the naive Punjabis. However, after May 9, 2023, the military generals launched a fierce military crackdown on the Tehreek-e Insaf, in Punjab, and conducted raids on residences of political activists and leaders and thousands were nabbed under a fabricated charge of arson and violence unlawfully. The law enforcers didn't even spare females and dragged, harassed and molested them. The scenes were unbearable and unacceptable. The naive Punjabis now know what the dictators do to other nations and the brutal actions made them realise the authoritarian and oppressive behaviour of the military generals who surpassed the tyranny over the Ganges Kahn. Consequently, the military crackdown of May 9, 2023, the naive Punjabis also got an opportunity to understand the tactical maneuvers of the tyrant military establishment to crush political parties and compel the political activists to part ways with their party. They also learned about the military's misuse of powers for bringing up the splinter groups in the disguise of political parties which in fact, sabotage the genuine political process towards democracy. What a shame! 
I'm going to show the real face of the military establishment through a short video clip which may be watched. There's concrete evidence in the video clip how the Baloch have been forced to take up arms against the army in #Balochistan. I also want to tell you that repeated military operations were conducted against the Baloch in Balochistan by portraying them as traitors, and yeh! you may be surprised to know that the generals of the Pakistani military had chased and witch-hunted the Baloch since1948. It is still in full swing. Watch the video that I've annexed herewith this write-up so as to know who are the real perpetrators and traitors, people or the military generals! The fact is that in 1948, when the military generals announced the forced inclusion of Balochistan in Pakistan on their terms, the chiefs of Balochistan under the leadership of Sardar Nowroz Khan refused to join Pakistan, upon which the Pakistani military launched a lethal military operation in Balochistan. The Pakistani military used everything to destroy the Baloch rebellion. The people and chiefs of Balochistan climbed the mountains under the leadership of Sardar Nowroz Khan and resisted with full heart. The military couldn't suppress the resistance. In order to learn what happened then, you are invited to watch the video clip annexed herewith.

Thank you
July 18,2023.

Link :

7/14/2024 1:08:42 PM