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 Posted on: 7/18/2023

Since the beginning of the world, the chieftains of the powerful tribes used variety of deceptive things to keep their reign firm and unshakable. The servants, the masses had no choice except to rely and be led thus based on sheer deceptions. As the servants of the powerful elite, tribal chieftains and monarchies started evolving, they then learned what was done to them. Even the Greek, the Roman, the Ottoman Empires and other big empires invaded other weaker ones and held an oppressive reign over the new servants of they states they had conquered.
Conversely, Great Britain emerged from such a crisis that it also established its empire by occupying such a large area of the world by tactical maneuvers. After the First World War (1914-1918) and the Second World War (1939-1945), the British empire had drastically sandwiched by the limping military power and financial retrenchment. It had to relinquish its reign over the occupied territories or else it might have vanished from the Atlas. Prior to relinquishing its reign, the Britishers created a deep dent inside the minds of the enslaved territories. The Britishers divided the masses on religious, ethnic or colonial grounds.
Despite that the Britishers had moved back to England, they still are enjoying their reign of control over a huge part of the world through their puppet big land owners, elites, military dictators, religious fanatics, etc;
The Britishers invited the sentiments of the India through new divide and rule tactical maneuvers. The oneness of India was sabotaged and was divided into #Muslim and #Hindu profiles. Apparently, two false nationhood emerged in India overnight. It was falsely declared that India was the homeland of two different nations based on religion. Otherwise, Muslim and Hindu had everything in common from language to attire, from culture to cuisine. Unfortunately, both the Hindus and the Muslims failed to realise the far-reaching dangers of this division based on cults. The puppets who gained titles and lands in gifts played their demonic role in widening the breach and thus India came under the false shadow of two nations, Hindu as majority and Muslim as minority.
The ultimate conclusion of that division reached a climax of a demand for a separate homeland for Muslims.
The British Empire had continued to fuel the fire through puppets and thus succeeded in engraving a “Two Nation Theory”
People of India were so deluded that they started killing each other on the basis of this slogan of #TwoNationTheory which inundated India into a river of blood. The logical conclusion was that one Indian demography was dissected into two new geographies. Muslims and Hindus had lived in the same geography for more than a thousand years with love and mutual respect for each other's religion. They used to participate happily in the celebrations, that is, they used to participate in each other's joys and sorrows together, at that time there was no fatwa of “blasphemy” nor the concept of a separate nation in the name of religion.
In my view, "Two-nation theory" was a conspiratorial and fraudulent theory given by the Britishers. I invite the readers to analyse the following points.

1. The population of Muslim in India is greater than the population of Muslim in #Pakistan. It automatically contradicts the false "Two-nation theory."

2. If Muslims were a separate nation in #India, based on the two-nation theory, then on what basis was Pakistan divided in 1971? In the case of #Bangladesh, does not the process of separation of the former East Pakistan from Pakistan prove the "two-nation theory" clearly fabricated?

3. Is the act of closing the borders of Pakistan for the Muslims of India not a slap on the face of the "two-nation theory"?

4. Is the act of not considering the #Mohajirs  (Urdu speaking) as "Sons of the soil" to this day, not equivalent to blowing up the claims of the Two-nation theory?

5. On applying for a job after graduation, #Mohajir candidates are asked about their domicile. When they prove their domicile from #Pakistan, they are asked to prove the domicile of their parents, which is definitely from India because their parents had migrated to Pakistan in 1947. Thus, #Mohajirs are denied of employment despite passing all the tests and exams. 6. Isn't the genocide of Muhajir by the Pakistani military a candid clear negation to the fraudulent #TwoNationTheory ? 7. Isn't the oppression on Muhajirs and other #Muslim communities in #Pakistan manifest of fraud and failed "Two-nation theory?" 8. Isn't the self-acquired status of Pakistani military of being above the constitution a mere contradiction to the fabricated "Two-nation theory?" 9. Isn't the national institutions' silence over Pakistani military top brasses massive corruption, robbing the taxpayers money, minted billions from massive corruption a sheer negation to the fraudulent and deceptive "Two-nation theory?" 10. Why only the anti-corruption departments and law enforcing agencies prosecute the civilians on charges of corruption and spare the corrupt from ranks and files from Pakistani military? 11. The Pakistani military asserts that they have their parallel system of accountability. Why they are running a parallel accountability system and isn't this against the norms and values of much-trumpeted false "Two-nation theory?" 12. The act of prosecuting the cases of civilians in military courts is held as justified, while the act of prosecuting military generals in the country's civilian courts, even the Supreme Court, is considered a grave sin under the Pakistani constitution and law. "Isn't this sufficed to hold the " Two-nation theory a fraud?" 13. In the end, readers, answer me the question that if "Muslims" are a separate nation based on the two-nation theory, then why are more than 51 countries divided into their own separate geographies, despite the fact that more than one billion are #Muslims ? 14. Isn't the existence of the joint organisation of Islamic countries "#OIC" an open negation of the "Two-nation theory," whose members belong to separate Islamic countries, while on the basis of the "Two-nation theory" they should have been one nation, but in practice it is not. So then it is proved that the "Two-nation theory" was not actually correct, but was given by the Britishers to complete their conspiracy plan. Apparently, #Pakistan is a free country, but the intelligent people know very well that the system of Pakistan is formed on the guidance of powerful foreign countries. Moreover, doesn't Pakistan seek permissions and approvals from powerful countries for projects and initiatives taken for its own interests? Does not Pakistan seek prior permission to establish trade ties or otherwise from the powerful countries? In recent past, the ousted former Prime Minister Imran Khan visited #Russia. He faced the wrath of the powerful inside the country at the behest if the powerful countries. Why? I request all the readers to put aside their political and ideological differences with me and consider and debate on these points with rationale. Thanks Yours, ALTAF HUSSAIN July 17, 2023. (LONDON)

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7/24/2024 6:03:07 PM