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With a heavy heart today, I came across very heart-wrenching news

With a heavy heart today, I came across very heart-wrenching news
 Posted on: 7/25/2023
With a heavy heart today, I came across very heart-wrenching news. It had pierced my hearing and mind. The news was about a statement of the federal defense minister Khawaja Muhammed Asif from ranks of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League -PMLN. The minister 
  made extremely indecent, vulgar, and shameful remarks against the ladies of 
 who are also members of the parliament though a puppet one.
He passed derogatory remarks while addressing the joint session of the Parliament. He remarked that these women have no morals, They are shit and garbage and that they are characterless women. Not only me but the citizens of #Pakistan living inside and outside the country were extremely saddened, hurt, and emotionally traumatised after hearing such offensive phrases. The biggest and fundamental reason for this is that the elected women members of the Parliament of #PTI do not only belong to a political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf, but they are also the mothers, sisters, and daughters of the Pakistani nation. Whereas, the minister Asif is not only the Defense Minister of 
, but he is the Defense Minister of the entire Pakistan. Doesn't he has his mother, sister, or daughter? It is possible that he doesn't have a sister or daughter, but he must have a respected mother. Did he forget whether there are no women workers, leaders, or members in PMLN (Nawaz Group)?  Therefore, not only do I strongly condemn the insulting remarks made by the minister Asif against women of the PTI but I also say that if he has even a tiny bit of dignity left, he should apologize to the women members of PTI and the nation, and he should resign from his position immediately because he has insulted his post as well.
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7/15/2024 7:19:31 PM