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Dear Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif!

Dear Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif!
 Posted on: 7/11/2023
Dear Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif! You're the chief executive (Prime Minister) of #Pakistan. The paramilitary Rangers had arrested a senior comrade of the #MQM, Mr Aftab Baqai from his residence located in Gulshan-e Iqbal during midnight hours. He is an elderly man. He was arrested on July 10, 2023. The paramilitary Rangers after detaining him for many hours in their unlawful captivity handed him to Police at Zaman Town Police Station and on their pressure, a fake case of staging a pro-MQM rally was registered. The elderly Baqai has nothing to do with any rallies. He is being punished for being a party loyalist only. Dear Mr Sharif! The elderly Mr Baqai, is of the age of your late father. You may remember that your father was arrested in 1994. He was again arrested and was placed under house arrest in 1999. Those days were nerve-writhing for your family. The agony your brother and you had passed through couldn't be expressed in words. Today, you are the Prime Minister of the country and have all the powers of the state under your thumb but you haven't initiated any reaction to this arrest of the elderly Mr Baqai. Why did you not take any notice against the Paramilitary Rangers for the unlawful arrest of Mr Baqai. On the pressure of the paramilitary Rangers, Police have implicated Mr Baqai in a fake case. He has been charged with staging a pro-MQM rally in #Karachi District Korangi. You may also remember the time that it was me who wasted no time to record my protest when you were restricted to perform the rituals of your father. Your elder brother Mian Mawaz Sharif Sahib and you were not allowed to attend his funeral. On the death of your sister-in-law Ms. Kulsoom Nawaz, the then government didn't allow to come to London and it was me to protest on that callous act of the government. Dear Mr If there is even an iota of decency, morality and humanity in you, then you should immediately place an order for the release of Mr Baqai and take immediate action against those who filed a false case at the behest of the paramilitary #Rangers and also take action against these Rangers officials. who had unjustly arrested him. Mr Baqai had been the former in-charge of the Advisory Council which I had dissolved earlier. #ReleaseAftabBaqai

6/12/2024 6:28:51 PM