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 Posted on: 7/7/2023 1
WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TERRIBLE LAWLESSNESS IN KARACHI? It has been over a decade since the reign of terror gripped the port city of Karachi. The peace, tranquility and sense of security which was once the Hallmark of Karachi had vanished and that atmosphere of reciprocating love and respect had long ago divorced the residents under the heavy influence of paid assassins, kidnappers for ransom, street robbers and thugs. The overall picture of hues and cried makes my heart bleed. A heap of sad news continues to come every other second on mainstream media, social media and WhatsApp groups. #Karachi has turned into a worst War-hit zone sans war but a series of crimes. Defenseless residents of Karachi are an easy target of the non-resident invaders who have well settled in suburbs. Every street, each motor highway, nook and cranny, shop, business outlet, homes and bikes and public and private transport is vulnerable today. The robbers armed with automatic guns feel free to commit heinous crimes and even murders on the spot over sheer resistance. It has become impossible for the residents even young girls and senescent women to carry lucratives, hand bags, money from one place to another. Astonishingly, this happens in daylight and hence the nights for which the city was famed have sunk into the darkness. As a matter of routine, the mafias and gangs of the outlawed snatch residents' cellphones and rib them daily and only the numbers of such crimes reported are in hundreds daily. Those unreported cases are numberless because the Police, paramilitary #Rangers, other law enforcing agencies in huge numbers don't protect the affected and the criminals roam freely. The street robbers carry automatic unlicensed handguns and fearlessly kill the target residents over sheer resistance but the state and the authorities don't allow the defenseless residents to keep protect themselves. Thus the criminals and terrorists have complete backing if the state and the law enforcers. The wave of crime has taken a new phase in which young girls are sexually harassed on streets and despite CCTV recordings, the perpetrators aren't taken to task. The Police, paramilitary Rangers and the Sindh provincial government have completely failed to nib the evil and to protect the residents. Prior to Aug 22, 2016, there was no such bad situation. The residents of Karachi are aware that on my initiative, they had established localised and community-based guarding system which ensured their complete protection. The localities were protected with barriers which the Army and paramilitary Rangers removed at gunpoint and thus rendered the residents helpless and at the mercy of the criminals and terrorists. My residence, Nine Zero and Khursheed Begum Memorial Hall were the monitoring centres and office-bearers from all ethnic communities performed vigilant duties round the clock. The military establishment, paramilitary Rangers spoiled and sabotaged everything. The #MQM office-bearers and elected members reacted promptly toward any hostile and unfriendly situation in which the residents were stuck. But, on August 23, 2016, the military troops, paramilitary Rangers and Police stormed at MQM and created a new splinter group named as MQM-P in an ambush. The military establishment chose and picked those to run the new splinter group who had betrayed the nation and me. They are still insulting the #Mohajir men and women and are protecting their personal vested interests and businesses. It is time and again proved that the Police, paramilitary Rangers and other law enforcers are grossly involved in crimes and are protecting the gangs of street robbers and terrorists of banned outfit. #Sindh government is the patron-in-chief of the paramilitary Rangers, Police and other law enforcers in Karachi. The traitors of MQM-P have stabbed in the back of #Mohajir nation and disrespected the Holy Quran which they used for an oath. The state, the #Sindh provincial government, the military establishment, the paramilitary #Rangers and Police have left the residents of #Karachi at the mercy of terrorists, thieves, bandits, looters and robbers. 
The lavish living style of the traitors who betrayed the #MQM and the  nation has surprisingly improved overnight. They have shifted from small houses to bungalows in DHA, Clifton and other posh areas. They are working in absolute contrast to MQM's philosophy of "Realism and Practicalism" and people. 
They are working for their own interests. 
I request the residents of Karachi to meet and interact with the MQM Advisory Council members and get ready for their ideal unity and a new drive of fresh and dynamic organisation under the principle of "Apni Madad Aap'' (Self-help policy).

Yours Sincerely,

 July 7, 2023

7/13/2024 6:45:46 PM