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 Posted on: 7/3/2023 1

Dear Pakistani nationals in foreign countries, I am writing to draw your attention to an issue that is affecting many of us. We all work hard, often doing long hours away from our homeland and families, to secure a better future for ourselves and our loved ones. However, I have seen and heard of cases where our hard-earned money has been misused or outright stolen by fraudulent companies or individuals who prey on our desire to invest in our home country. They promise high returns on investments or plots of land, but when we arrive in Pakistan with all our documentation, we find that our investments have disappeared or been occupied by others. I can feel the pain and frustration of losing a lifetime's savings, and I urge you not to fall into the same trap. The courts and government have failed to take action against these scammers, who often work in tandem with corrupt officials and influential forces. Justice cannot be expected from a system that is rife with corruption and favoritism. Rather than risking our hard-earned money in Pakistan, I suggest that we invest in our country of residence and take measures to protect our capital. Let us not give in to the false promises of those who would cheat us for their gain. It is up to us to safeguard our future and that of our families. Here's my personal observation that these sad things have also been happening and a few people living abroad have also told me that "we have been ruined as we lost our money." There are groups of imposters in the disguise of construction companies and investment associations that easily trap you by preaching that Pakistan deserves most for investing your hard-earned money. The passion for your country compels you to hand over whatever you saved during your stay abroad. Finally, you are the losers in the end. The imposters will trap you in another snare and that is the real estate businesses. In case, and mostly Pakistani nationals abroad do, you purchase a piece of land, a developed premise, and you feel your investment is safe, you are wrong. In case, you get trapped in foreign currency account in #Pakistan, you will again repent. On returning home, they feel the money they had invested in land or in foreign currency account will protect their families' future, but then they get a cardiac shock having known they were cheated on and they lost their investments. The banks had defaulted and the encroachers o culied their land. That's all. This is a quite miserable situation which #Pakistani nationals abroad face on returning to their beloved country. A long time ago, in the 80s and 90s, residents of #Karachi had suffered from such scams. They had lost their life-ling savings. Even a group of religious clerics had a fraudulent scheme in the name of the Alliance Investment Company. They also robbed the Pakistanis within the country and abroad. So the Pakistani nationals in foreign countries must keep away from these imposters. The darkest side of this fraud is the miserable conduct of courts in Pakistan because only the mafias and scammers find relief from courts in Pakistan. These businesses of fraud shine right under the nose of the country's powerful elements and other institutions, the elected Prime Ministers and Presidents of the country. These fraudsters in the name of investment, corrupt judges of the courts and influentials in forces support each other and they are the real "mafia". Therefore, I have a painful appeal to the Pakistani nationals abroad once again that they must be careful in future and don't get trapped. Pakistani nationals abroad should devise a strategy for future investment on their own. Save your hard-earned money and make sure the future of your children is protected and bright.

Thank you. 
Your well wisher

 July 2, 2023.

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3/2/2024 4:09:01 AM