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Respected General Asim Munir Sahib, Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Army!

Respected General Asim Munir Sahib, Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Army!
 Posted on: 7/2/2023 1
Respected General Asim Munir Sahib, Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan Army! Assalam-O 'Alaikum and Adaab! Happy Eid Al Adha. Please accept my heartiest greetings. Let me present a set of important things to you. 1. Since the day of Eid till today, July 1, 2023, I have been tuned to the statements of military martyrs' families on TVs. Their pains, agonies, anguishes and emotions are all high and sensitive. I'm among those who suffered with colossal tragedies as I also lost my brother, nephew and the activists of my Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM). I also luckily survived the back-breaking shock. So, I can easily grasp the clutches of pain that the military martyrs families express in their statements. It's a matter of pride that the expression of love and appreciation to the martyrs and besides this the expression of pain by the families so aggrieved really matters. Martyrs'sacrifices and the endurance and spirit of their families are a matter of pride and can't be portrayed in words. 2. I draw your attention towards the griefs and sufferings of those families whose children were arrested and then enforced to disappear by the officials of the army, ISI, and other security agencies of the country. Even many have already been in unlawful confinements for more than 15 to 20 years. The same is with those who have been enforced to disappear. Mature family members lul their children by telling them a fake story about their missing sons and husbands that they are working abroad. His employer has refused to sanction Eid leaves so he can't join them on Eid. This 15 to 20 years period made these children grow mature so the parents can't satisfy them with fairy tales. Every Eid brings new eaves of shock and grief to these families. 3. Chief of Army Staff, General Asim Munir Sahib! Perhaps, you might be quite away from these shocking matters due to your pre-occupied and toiling duties but everything is on record and the almighty Allah knows everything. As a matter of routine leaders of political parties had met the families frequently with tall promises of bringing the disappeared back home but to no avail. The had on oath assured that they would raise voice for their safe return. But those were sheer deceptive moves. That move was only intended to grab their votes. On winning the seats, they never honoured their claims, promises and even oath. Based on the above facts, I humbly request you to take appropriate measures for the safe return of the citizens in unlawful detentions and those placed in undisclosed detention centres. Rather, in case, the citizens in detention should be produced in courts of law for a fair trial right and should be allowed to defend them against the lawful charges. In case, any of the disappeared persons have died or killed, then at least, pass an order to inform their families. In addition, the families of disappeared, murdered citizens should also be allowed to appear on TVs and say their words. Thus, they might also take a breath of relief though for the time being. Thank you. Wassalam. Altaf Hussain (London) July 1, 2023.

2/21/2024 10:07:55 AM