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 Posted on: 6/20/2023

Pakistan's ruling elite which is just a pack of most corrupt military generals, politicians, judges, civil and military bureaucrats and officials of secret services. Their misdeeds, nepotism, dynasties in politics, plundering of taxpayers' money, bribery, and  Kickbacks, open violations of the constitution and law and the inhuman atrocities against the downtrodden people has pushed the country's population to wall. Their survival has become a question and their residences in the country has become a nightmare to them. The inflation has pushed them into the dearth of extreme poverty and even starvation.
They can't find a respectable way forward for a dignified livelihood. The young of this fateful county get trapped easily and lose to their savings and lives in search for a better life away from Pakistan. The young people take immense risks, jeopardize their money and lives and finally switch to unfair and unlawful ways to escape from the country. The "GREECE BOAT TRAGEDY" is just a mirror for the corrupt ruling elite of the country to look at their ugly faces. Under this suicidal situation in the country, the young people have been constrained to take every risk that might lead them to a better life standards. They are in a great hurry for escaping away from the country. For this sole reason, they adopt all lawful or unlawful modes and procedures, just to secure their future and their families behind. The country's economy has already collapsed because of the most corrupt elements mentioned above.
The inflation has set a new record. None except these corrupt elements can survive in the country. The unemployment rate now is unprecedentedly skyrocketing. Such a disasterous economic situation is propelling the young people to put their lives at risk and their needs throw them to tragedies like this "#GREECE BOAT TRAGIC INCIDENT" as a routine. Thus, the mixture of inflation, poverty hunger, joblessness,  corruption, plunder and bankruptcy which are the produce of the corrupt ruling elite of the country, the "GREECE BOAT TRAGEDIES" repeat very frequently. Subsequent to elite-produced calamities, people are taking a suicidal leap. I condole with the aggrieved families of those who lost their lives during escape from Hell. Rest in peace. Amen! I'm well aware of the demonic nexus of the corrupt military generals and ruling elite. They are directly responsible for this tragedy.
This nexus is grossly involved in human trafficking. The proof toy claim is that the human traffickers are yet free. They have never been nabbed, tried or punished. I always see the military generals responsible for mass destruction because they run and control every single institution of the country.



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7/24/2024 5:18:51 PM