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 Posted on: 5/31/2023


 The misery of third world countries is that the people suffer from similar difficulties as the 98 percent of the people of Pakistan do. Pakistan is no exception and is in third world, too. The people of Pakistan have been facing tyranny, injustices and denial to fair trial and speedy dispensation of the justice since last 75 years.

Like everything, there's a reason behind this anomaly. The key issue is the artificial democracy designed and imposed by selective hands in power corridors.

The military establishment is the architect of this type of lame and artificial democracy. Corrupt practices come next in these countries of the third world. The menace of corruption is deep rooted in these countries and is the number one priority and thus implemented. The sole criterion is just to mint money, rob taxpayers money and plunder the exchequer and the money borrowed from world leasing institutions. There is hardly any government institution where there is no corruption. In small courts, from staffers to judges, all force the seekers of justice to first bribe them and through bribes, the cases are decided. The higher and apex courts are primarily under the influence of the military establishment or country's powerful elite. So, a different methodology is applied there. The different methodology involves sophisticated styles of bribes and underhand transactions. Henceforth, the fate of the cases is decided. Under the influence of the military establishment, the powerful elite and influential politicians, laws are redefined to favour them in contrast to the constitution of these countries by respective Supreme Courts. Thus, the bad are reproduced as the good in these Kangaroo Courts of the third world. This corrupt mechanism rules the judicial system and no poor man can approach these Kangaroo Courts because the process involves huge money from lawyers fees, court expenses. Even, one applicant who is desirous to get a remedy from these houses of justice can't see a glimpse of justice even if he sells out his own house and other properties.


Pakistan stands on top because since day one of its ok inception, the military establishment occupied this country and has been reigning it since last 75 years. The military establishment imposed Martial Laws multiple times and suspended the constitution and suppressed rights and freedoms. The worst of worst is that the country's apex court has facilitated the military dictators and validated the Martial Laws. Conversely, the so-called democratic governments that came to power in the rest of the period were also under the influence of the military establishment and adopted the economic and foreign policies of the country choreographed by their masters in military dresses. Even the annual budget that solely derives substantiality from the civilian taxpayers is bound to be clear by the military masters. To top it, the military extracts more than half of the budget to meet its richness of expenses. In fact, the so-called democratic governments have always been infallible aides to their military masters who are Ph.Ds in corruption. These so-called democratic civilian rulers always green-signalled the 2 percent military elite to mint money through massive corruption and give their corruption a legal cover. Till date, not a single of corrupt military brass was tried despite long tales of their massive corruption tales in national and international media.


The people of Pakistan should honestly consider that they must have seen the country's apex court working day and night only to protect the interests of the big-wigs. But, the apex court is totally void of any idea of protecting the rights of a common man. The apex court judges resume the court at midnight to provide a healing remedy to the elite. The Supreme Court of the country, or they would have seen the Supreme Court continue to debate on matters of the constitution that revolves around the interests of the country's elite. Has anyone seen the Supreme Court working in the morning and evening or till late night for the 98 percent of the poor of the country?


Therefore, the people of the third world have to critically examine the role of the judiciary and pay heed to my philosophy of "Realism and Practicalism" to bring corruption-free democracy in their respective countries. Many may sarcastically review this idea as a tricky business people but they must look back and thus they will learn that it was only me who having applied the philosophy of Realism and Practicalism raised the common man and elevated him to the level of country's lawmakers. Who else did it in all the general elections held in the 75-year history of Pakistan? My political party, the MQM, got the educated youth from the lower ranks of the society elected as members of the houses of the elected representatives.


I ask Pakistan's intelligentsia, journalists, analysts and critics to set aside their political and ideological differences and grudges and find out a solution to this atmosphere of suppression that I've presented in this brief write-up.

Stay blessed!




May 31, 2023.

3/1/2024 4:13:02 AM