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"BITTER TRUTH" -- Altaf Hussain On Twitter

"BITTER TRUTH" -- Altaf Hussain On Twitter
 Posted on: 5/29/2023



We peep into the 20th and 21st century to witness which parts of the world allowed true democracy to prevail and sustain and which parts of the world were deprived of true civilian rule. The world is predominantly divided into true democratic societies and the monarchy or as we witness the worst of authoritarian rule in the disguise of democracy is the "Militarised Democracy."

The latter form of democracy is the illegitimate product of the top military brass known as or military dictators. The real democracy is well-cemented in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and many western countries. Nonetheless, Asian, African and Arab regions are still in dark ages and the form of governments are only monarchy or “Militarised Democracy". The difference of these two forms of governments are naked to everyone's eyes. The countries that have the blessings of true democracy are safer places on planet Earth. Rights are respected, freedom of expression is guaranteed, opportunity are equal, resources and taxes are spent on people's welfare and standards of health, education and everything are uniform. Disparity is nowhere in these pure democratic societies. People observe and practice their selective religions without any fear and there is no room for fanaticism there. Peace and tranquillity has drowned the hatred and discriminationThe rule of law and the judicial system is free and transparent and the courts dispense justice fearlessly. Apart from this, when interests of a country is in focus, certain norms and values are compromised. The relations or frankly speaking the game of state to state interests, even well-cemented democratic states make compromises. Ultimately, a pure democratic country easily dictates certain things to Militarised Democracies. The earlier do this to protect their interests so as to get more benefits and according to their own interests, there is an open violation of the prevailing laws and judicial system, including the democratic houses, and the principles set by the United Nations. The people of the Militarised Democracy continue to suffer because of the compromises. In developing countries, every demonic form of government is placed under the umbrella of democracy which is a sheer deception. The people of Militarised Democracies are clamped in every walk of life. Their educational needs are not assured, their health spending is stolen and they keep diving into the dearth of poverty and poor economy that is hit by the escalating inflation.

In Militarised Democracies, the rulers borrow huge money from leasing institutions but always bag it in personal accounts. The people continue to face the clamps of poverty and inflation under heavy borrowings.

Conversely, the intolerance, disparity, unrest, religious fanaticism and every form of social evils stands on top. Exploitation, plunder and crimes make the society soulless. Might is right becomes the only way forward for individual's survival.

The situation of Pakistan in the light of the actual facts and the 75-year history from 1947 till today, we never tasted "True Democracy". This was due to "Militarised Democracy".

Political engineering is the worst tool to keep the Militarised Democracy imposed. Today, no institution is spared and the military establishment continues to meddle into the affairs. Today, the county's intelligentsia is preaching to the masses that the only definition of supremacy is the supremacy of the military establishment.

Those who dare not to accept that definition of supremacy of the army face the dire consequences.


Altaf Hussain

29th May, 2023

9/30/2023 10:38:01 PM
Baithak ...
27 Sep 2023