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PPP must respect JI and PTI mandate for the Mayor of Karachi, Altaf Hussain

PPP must respect JI and PTI mandate for the Mayor of Karachi, Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 5/20/2023
The Pakistan People's Party must refrain from applying bullying tactic to enforce Karachi Mayor from its ranks and files.
Pakistan People's Party is applying all the tricks and bullies in a book to rob the mandate of other rival political parties. Its approach is regrettable and unconstitutional.
It's a tradition of the sick mindset of the Pakistan People's Party to use all means and resources of the land to keep it in power. It is enforcing every form of hooliganism and is offering huge bribes and lucrative incentives to the elected local body representatives of rival parties part of its cunning horse-trading .
The Tehreek-e Insaf has already announced to become an ally of Jamaat-e Islami for the Karachi Mayor position. Henceforth, the two parties under alliance have the number of seats required for bringing their Mayor. Nonetheless, the Pakistan People's Party
is eager to change this political reality through misuse of power because it has a government in the province.
Every tactic of bullying, intimidation, greed and horse-trading is being applied by the corrupt Pakistan People's Party.
The only purpose is to occupy the resources of the metropolitan city of Karachi. This is absolutely a dreadful mindset of the fascist Pakistan People's Party. The Pakistan People's Party-led Sindh provincial government has already captured 100 percent of the government and semi-government institutions in urban parts of the province.
As a rule of thumb and per democratic norms and values, it is the constitutional right of the political party or parties in alliance with majority of seats in the house of the elected representatives to bring forth and elect their Mayor and hence, the Pakistan People's Party must respect their mandate for Mayor and deputy Mayor of Karachi and must stop the notorious game.

6/7/2023 2:57:07 AM