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New shameful traps of old hunters:

New shameful traps of old hunters:
 Posted on: 5/19/2023
New shameful traps of old hunters:   (18, May 2023)   The 2 percent Military elite of Pakistan's huge 240 million population is the sole manipulator and it keeps meddling with the country's affairs especially politics. They apply tricky manoeuvres to control the country's politics and political parties and thus create divisions and puppet splinter groups in political parties under any lame excuse or reason which are also their fabrications. They use money, brute force, threats or crackdown and extensive propaganda to maligning political parties so as to pave ways for implementing their nefarious designs. They issue threats or portray political parties as enemies of the country. Through blackmailing and bullying tactics, they enforce people in a selective political party to play as their puppets. Mostly, they feel comfortable after they create a new group in a political party which is their traditional hobby. This 2 percent corporate military elite controls the whole of the country. These artificial manoeuvres and tricky businesses, proved counterproductive, instead. But despite all disgraces, the military establishment refuses to look around. Nowadays, this corporate military establishment is pressing very hard on men, women and youth to announce their distance with the PTI. The military establishment is also enforcing a script and those under immense pressure chant the dictated script in chorus. "This is our army and we live and die for our army." This dictated script was a thought, perhaps, to the makers of the script that the people had forgotten and hence they enforced it once again. The attack on Lahore Corpse Commander House (Jinnah House) on May 9 can't be justified. The same applies to the attack on GHQ or any military installations. However, formation of military courts for trying those involved in those attacks can't also be justified amid an active judicial system in the country. The modern and civilised democracies of the world can't bear this move under any reason or excuse. The Military Court is unacceptable, inappropriate and against norms of humanity in modern and civilised democratic countries. Ironically, some political and religious parties felicitate the military establishment on such draconian formation of the military courts because these would target the political strength of the PTI alone. These parties must not forget and wait for their turn soon. In my view, the military establishment is trying to cover their blunders through blunders and this is nothing but insanity. The outcome of this new blunder would be sheer devastation. In my entire life, I have witnessed many big-wigs bowing down their heads to this ambitious military elite for the sake of personal vested gains. They applied every trick in the book and thus created a dozen and a half splinter groups in my MQM. The creation of the MQM-P and the PSP stands as the latest example. Having failed to achieve the maximum gains, they apply another trick of combining these splinter groups into one large one. It is quite fortunate that the people always denounce and reject their plans. The military establishment has hardly spared any political party since the inception of Pakistan. Based on a hectic experience from the country's 75-year history, it is candid clear that all such splinter groups have utterly failed and the military establishment always embraced a humiliating disgrace. Such artificial groups had no moral grounds to stand face to face with original mother political parties.
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3/2/2024 6:21:18 AM