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Unannounced Coup d'etat

Unannounced Coup d'etat --- Altaf Hussain On Twitter
 Posted on: 5/15/2023

Unannounced Coup d'etat The Pakistani mainstream media has reported that the political leaders, office bearers, activists and supporters belonging to the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) would be tried in military courts. If true, this is such stunning news. In fact, it is the Pakistani military that has ruled over the country for 50 years directly and the remaining 25 years civilian rule was a dummy show as the military then ruled over the country from behind. Coup de'etat is the hobby of the corporate military of the country. This is absolutely an absurdity to try the political leaders and activists in military courts while the judicial system, though quite weaker, is working in the country. It is not strange that the incumbent puppet civil federal and provincial governments are silent over this military adventure. This so- called military puppet civil federal government should not give a cover to the ambitious and power-hungry military establishment and must resign if it can't denounce the trial of civilians in military courts. No civilised nation can afford military courts in democracy.

3/4/2024 11:17:33 AM