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 Posted on: 5/1/2023 1




Monday, May 1, 2023


Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif!



I can guess about the mental anguish you are passing through nowadays. Just look around and peep into the past. You may recall a meeting of the COP held on 26.01.1990. The venue was Shahra-e Qaideen at Karachi in close vicinity of Quaid’s mausoleum. Political parties except Pakistan People’s Party had joined it. MQM had borne the entire expenses. I had in my address raised a question why country’s prime minister can’t be from Punjab. My addressees were the people, leaders and you, too. You were also the expected candidate for the future premiership, then.  I had untiringly supported you to be the country’s prime minister. You had promised me that you would eliminate the decayed feudal system from the country after becoming the prime minister and that you would also ensure land reforms and that the land would be distributed among the poor farmers, peasants and farmers. You had also asserted that you were also a strong opponent of the feudal system. On becoming the country’s prime minister, you parted ways, insulted your promise and betrayed me who did not get a single penny from you or any substantial benefit. You had neither abolished the feudal system nor took any measures to eradicate that inhuman feudal system from the country.

Instead, a fierce military crackdown was launched against the MQM while you were the country’s prime minster, and you had nodded yes to the military chief to go ahead and that’s the fact that you ordered for the military crackdown.

Military operation against MQM also started during his regime, the late Chief of Army Staff General Asif Nawaz Janjua, who made MQM Haqiqi, based on criminals expelled from MQM, you didn’t stop him from doing such unlawful and unconstitutional work and when the late IG of the Punjab province Sardar Muhammad Chaudhry arrested the terrorists of MQM from Lahore, you had released those Haqiqi terrorists, which Chaudhry wrote in his book, The Ultimate Crime, on page number 605. He wrote; “During the army action in Sindh in 1992, he made Muhajir Qaumi Movement his only target, though he was supposed to act against dacoits and gangsters everywhere in the province. Some gangsters in MQM fled to Lahore. Helped by timely intelligence, the police were able to arrest all of them. Gen. Asif Nawaz wanted me to release them. "But they are murderers and criminals, " I told him. " Their arrest will help in achieving the objectives of the army action." But he had some other objectives in mind. "You are not fully aware of the situation in Karachi, " he said, "I want to set these thieves to catch bigger thieves," I, however, did not give in. He then approached the Prime Minister. Whatever he told him, the result was that Nawaz Sharif rushed immediately to Lahore and held a high-level meeting right at the airport. My arguments cut no ice with him. Then the Additional IGP, Special Branch, Maj. Zia-ul-Hassan, narrated the details of the criminal acts of those under arrest. When he insisted, rather emotionally, that the arrests were justified, the Prime Minister, instead of changing his mind, lost his temper. The tremendous pressure of the army chief seemed to be showing itself. So, we had to find a way out to allow release on bail. The same criminal elements later reappeared in Karachi as "MQM Haqiqi". The Chief of Army Staff was their patron. So, we had to find a way to allow him to be released on bail.  The same criminal elements later appeared in Karachi under the name of "MQM-Haqiqi".  The Chief of Army Staff was his Patron-in-Chief.


Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif!

You might have remembered everything after reading this paragraph.  However, the army finally started the military crackdown in Sindh on June 19, 1992. In the early morning of June 19, 1992, the army put real terrorists armed with the latest weapons in their military trucks and entered all the cities of Sindh province including Karachi and a bloodletting operation was launched against

On June 19, 1992, when the military operation started, you were in London and staying at the Dorchester Hotel in London. After untiring efforts, I got the permission to meet you and I went to Dorchester Hotel to meet you and I strongly protested to you and said, "What disloyalty did I or MQM do to you that the military crackdown was launched against us?" Offices of MQM were unlawfully occupied by Haqiqi terrorists with the help of the army but also martyred hundreds of MQM comrades.

I also told you that one of your federal ministers, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, who read the statement announced by the army in the National Assembly and recited that the army was fighting robbers, patharidars, big landlords who gave them shelter and kidnapping in Sindh. An operation was planned against 72 big fishes, including those who committed acts of for ransom, and the names of 72 big fishes were also included in the list prepared by the army, and that list is still on record of the National Assembly.  The names of the facilitators in those criminal activities were also mentioned in this list, including the names of late Pir Pagaro, late Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, late Benazir Bhutto and Asif Zardari.

Regarding this list of 72 big fishes, I had personally emphasised several times that the list of 72 big fishes was just a hoax. In fact, the military crackdown would only be against the MQM.  You had repeatedly negated my premonitions and instead, you had assured me that this cannot happen in your presence and you had asserted that you won’t allow the army to take any such action against the MQM.

But my premonitions proved real. You also used a tricky side by saying that you would stop that military crackdown on returning to Pakistan and would seek support from the country’s President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. I remind you that in my presence you also spoke to President Ghulam Ishaq Khan over the phone. After your assurance, I returned to my residence. But, on returning Pakistan, you gave a statement in support of the army and said, "I have sacrificed 14 of my friends (Lawmakers from the MQM) for a great purpose."


Mian Muhammed Nawaz Sharif!

The military crackdown that was launched on June 19, 1992 under your nose is still in full swing. Approximately, the military has till date killed 25, 000 innocent workers of the MQM. Hundreds have been enforced to disappear and the courts are denying justice to them despite petitions in the courts. Many have been killed in custody and their mutilated bodies dumped at deserted lands. Thousands of senescent have thus been deprived of their substantial support and their spouses have been rendered widows. Thousands have been rendered orphans and thousands have been implicated in fake cases.

The governments of Benazir Bhutto and Zaradi revamped the military crackdown. You must look around and weigh your sins and crimes.


Mian Muhammed Nawaz Sharif!

You repeatedly breached your promises and bowed down to the army in such a way that you did not even bother to talk to me on the phone despite my repeated calls. In July 2007, you called an All-Parties Conference (APC) of all political and religious parties in London. Except the MQM, every single political and religious party was invited including the Tehreek-e Insaf chairman Imran Khan, who also participated.


Mian Muhammed Nawaz Sharif!

In this meeting, in open violation of the points you mentioned, you also passed another resolution that any political and religious party participating in this meeting will neither meet any member of the MQM nor will have any kind of relation.  Political or non-political discussions would be held and if anyone would violate that resolution, he would be expelled from the alliance.


Mian Muhammed Nawaz Sharif!

If you had not committed this big fraud with MQM and had not proposed a resolution to completely forget the MQM, then neither the Karma would have engulfed you severely nor would you have had to face such a big worldwide disgrace. Your younger brother is now the county’s Prime Minister but you can’t go back to Pakistan.

Here I lay one of my words;

"If any person gets a big position, he must take it as a gift of God but must not pose as God on earth."


This “Open Letter” is for everyone, too.




Altaf Hussain


May 1, 2023



Note: I have attached various pictures of APC with this open letter held in London on July 7, 2007.


Issued by:

Central Information Department,

Provisional MQM International Secretariat London.

185, Whitchurch Lane, Edgware,

Middlesex HA8 6QT.

United Kingdom.

Phone No.0044 2089527300

Email: [email protected]

9/22/2023 9:06:59 PM