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Altaf Hussain says UK court’s properties case decision unfair, facts not considered. By Murtaza Ali Shah Geo News

Altaf Hussain says UK court’s properties case decision unfair, facts not considered. By Murtaza Ali Shah Geo News
 Posted on: 4/7/2023 1
LONDON: The Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has said that a recent judgement related to six London properties in MQM-P’s favour by the London High Court’s Property Division was a travesty of justice as several key facts were ignored by the court.
The MQM chief was addressing a press conference here to announce that he had instructed lawyers to file an appeal against the judgement, first before the same judge who gave the decision and then at the Court of Appeal if the first attempt fails.
He appealed to the UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman and the British govt to take notice of the outcome of the London properties case, dubbing it a “travesty of justice”.
“I am aware that over here the British government doesn’t interfere in courts, but they must take note as this decision has implications for the justice system. This decision has raised several questions about the British justice system which enjoys a good reputation around the world,” he said.
At the press conference, the MQM supremo went into the history of his party and said for decades he has been victimised by the authorities and it was a continuation of that victimisation that a case was engineered against him in London.
He blamed MQM-P for playing in the hands of the establishment by first ousting him from the property and then giving its name and face in the London properties case.
Hussain discussed the history of the party, the military establishment’s alleged pressure and the breaking up of his party into many groups.
He also presented a document before the media persons and alleged that the MQM-P had presented a forged document before the court. This is the document which is part of the MQM constitution which made it mandatory that no decision shall ever be taken without the approval of Altaf Hussain in all matters of the party.
Around a month ago, the MQM-P won against Altaf Hussain the ownership of seven properties worth over £12 million at the UK High Court. The MQM-P brought a case against Hussain claiming that these properties were held under trust for the benefit of the MQM. The judge ruled that the MQM-P was the MQM and therefore beneficiary of the properties.
The decision of the high court is like telling a child that he is the father of his father, said Hussain.
He alleged the establishment has worked on a “minus formula” on political parties for several decades and did the same to him for over 30 years.
Altaf said the properties in London were made in trust for MQM after he was forced into exile from Pakistan where he was attacked with bombs. He said the London properties were purchased through the donations of party supporters all over the world and these donations were given to him.
“I will appeal the decision as I have no other choice but to appeal before the same judge to highlight the injustice”.
Hussain said he will fight forever and will never surrender before anyone, adding he had tried his best to get a Pakistani identity passport from Pakistan High Commission in London but he was denied his basic human right.
The MQM founder accepted that he struggled with funds and appealed to his followers all around the world to donate money to his legal fight.

Courtesy Geo News
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