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The Property Case was flawed, disappointing: Altaf Hussain

The Property Case was flawed, disappointing: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 3/15/2023
The Property Case was flawed, disappointing: Altaf Hussain "After August 22, 2016, the Bahadurabad group created by the military establishment was surprisingly named as "MQM" while a genuinely decades old MQM, which has been struggling for 39 years, was declared as a group"

LONDON. March 13, 2023:
The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain, has said that the judgment of the property case by the Business and Property Court of the High Court of Justice of England was completely disappointing and flawed. Regretfully, the facts, evidence and testimonies presented by us were completely ignored. He said this while addressing an exigent press conference at the MQM International Secretariat along with his counsels. Hussain while lamenting on the flawed judgement said that the Bahadurabad group, which was established under the umbrella of Pakistan's military establishment after August 22, 2016, which is called "MQMP", was named as "MQM". "The whole world knows that I established the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organisation (APMSO) on June 11, 1978, and then spread its scope to the public, established MQM on March 18, 1984."He said that the MQM he formed has been struggling under his leadership for the past 39 years. Being the 3rd largest political party in Pakistan and the 2nd largest party in Sindh, MQM is said to be a new party established after 22 August 2016, separated from MQMP, which was founded by Altaf Hussain in London. Hussain said that the workers and people know very well that like the military establishment created MQM-H, Azeem Tariq Group in 1992 to break MQM, like PSP was created, similarly MQM-PIB was created after August 22, 2016. And then MQM Bahadurabad was formed. So how is it possible to declare a newly formed faction in its mother party to be the mother party and vice versa? Regarding the amendment in the constitution of MQM, he said that not only the coordination committee of MQM but all the office bearers and workers of the party know very well that the founder and leader of the MQM is responsible for all the political and organisational decisions of MQM. There is a provision in the constitution in clear words according to which the coordination committee is obliged to seek prior guidance and confirmation or ratification in every important decision. The constitution of MQM was fraudulently amended so as to accommodate the deserters after 22nd August 2016.1
He said that the deserters had at the behest of the military establishment claim that the founder and leader had authorized the coordination committee on August 23, 2016, then he had given the organisational decisions to the entire coordination committee to amend the constitution and expel him. Hussain said that after August 22, 2016, the constitution of MQM was amended, the founder and leader was removed from the constitution. Thus, through the deserters and newly created faction, the MQM was hijacked literally by the ghoulish military establishment which was eager to implement its "minus Altaf Hussain formula. "In this regard, he referred to the statement of the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's spokesman, Mossadiq Malik, which he gave and was aired on August 27, 2016, in Dawn News' program "The Other Side", which is available on the record of the English daily Dawn, in which Malik spoke for the establishment. In his statement, Mr.Malik clearly threatened that “ MQM to distance itself from Altaf Hussain or suffer consequences”. He questioned that how can any amendment in the constitution be legitimate and legal without the guidance and approval of the founding father? He said that counsels of his side amicably pleaded with concrete arguments before the court, presented all evidence, the members of the coordination committee testified in the court, stated all the facts before the court, but to no avail. The MQM supremo said the unconstitutional resolution made in the constitution of MQM in the meeting held on August 31, 2016 in PIB Colony, the court has said on the one hand in its decision, "Further hearing would be required to settle this matter." It will be necessary whether the resolution approved on 31 August 2016 had violated the constitution or not? Hussain said that the question is that when the main issue is the unconstitutional resolution approved on August 31, 2016 through forgery, on the basis of which the names of the founder and leader was removed from the constitution and the party was hijacked, then how the court failed to decide this matter. Since the approval of that resolution had violated the constitution, then how MQMP established on the basis of that violation being held as legal and beneficial? The founder and leader of MQM said that he respects the courts and their dignity, but he has been constrained to say that this unilateral decision had disappointed everybody. Hussain said that he will lodge an appeal against the decision. He paid tribute to his counsels and workers all over the world for their support.

6/7/2023 2:52:58 AM