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 Posted on: 2/18/2023


By Founder leader Altaf Hussain

18th February, 2023

 In the light of history, the duration of giant empires had lasted between 50 to 200 years, even up to 700 years. Conversely, the period of the end of small or big governments, kingdoms (Change of the geography of kingdom or division into many new states), is calculated to commence in 20 years, completing in 80 or 100 years. Students should study history to confirm what I have stated.

 Subsequently, the extrajudicial killings of the citizens by the army and other law enforcement agencies of any country, the arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances, dumping of the mutilated bodies after custodial murders in deserted places becomes a daily routine, and when the courts follow dictations of the institutions which fully dominate the country and refuse to dispense justice without fear, then, the sole corridors of powers become a prey to the terrorists whether individually or as organised as repercussions and thus the menace of terrorism envelops the entire country whose destiny is a civil war.

 The resistance against such oppressive powerful governments may last a minimum of 20 years but may also spread over a century. Subsequently, demography and the geographical boundaries of such oppressive states never remain unchanged. I want to convey my message to the forces of evils that their barbaric and oppressive practices will end surely.

 Only Allah is the Omnipotent and Everlasting. Therefore, the powerful forces should learn from the history of mankind that nothing is everlasting in this universe except Allah They have to realize what capacity, powers and resources they have got is temporary as nothing is permanent They must behave like human beings, not as lords. Remember that God grinds slowly but surely. 

6/12/2024 5:57:50 PM