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MQM condemns the enforced eviction of 1200 families of PIB Colony

MQM condemns the enforced eviction of 1200 families of PIB Colony
 Posted on: 2/20/2023

MQM condemns the enforced eviction of 1200 families of PIB Colony

LONDON. February 20, 2023

The Muttahida Quami Movement’s Central Coordination Committee (CCC), has strongly condemned the authoritarian orders of the authorities which 1200 families living in their legal houses are asked to evict their houses immediately.

 The enforced eviction of 1200 families of PIB Colony from their homes is unacceptable and the MQM strongly condemns the estate authorities for such barbaric measure which are the continuation of physical, financial and economical genocide of the Muhajirs.

 The MQM has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take notice of such draconian steps and pass an order for stopping these genocidal measures.

The CCC made this condemnation and demand in an exigent press conference from Movement's international secretariat in London.

CCC members Mustafa Azizabadi, Qasim Ali Raza, Shahid Raza, Mahfouz Haidari and Sufyan Yusuf addressed.

 They said that the PIB colony was established following the partition of the sub-continent India that resulted in formation of Pakistan. The Mohajirs had then left their properties and businesses in India and migrated to Pakistan. Their houses in PIB Colony date back to that partition.

Astonishingly, the state authorities have with just a blink of an eye declared that1200 families living on PIB Colony Plot No. 14 were illegal.

 Following such an astonishing thought, the authorities issued notices for the eviction within 24 hours and a court decision is being tagged to justify such a draconian act of enforced eviction.

 The CCC has appealed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take immediate notice of this matter, cancel the cruel order to save the residents or else these 1200 families will be rendered homeless.

It further said that many spatial settlements are present in Karachi which have been regularised.

 The CCC reminded that the settlers from other provinces have encroached on public and private lands in Karachi and constructed their cottages under the aegis of the authorities and the governments regularised only for political gains while Muhajirs are subjected to genocide from all aspects.

 Earlier, the authorities had rendered thousands of families, deprived them of their properties and businesses after they bulldosed their legal houses and businesses at Railways Colony, Musa Colony, Gharibabad, Empress Market Shops, Nasla Tower and Mujahid Colony. Now, the 1200 families of PIB Colony are being witch-hunted for enforced evictions.

 This is sheer barbarism and this has to be stopped. The announcement for such enforced has dissipated a strong wave of anguish and concern and the MQM and its founder ALTAF Hussain has been gripped with shock.

It said that none has dared to carry such draconian measures against the Muhajirs before the creation of pro-establishment factions within the MQM and emergence of traitors who work for the establishment.

 It further said that the unending genocide of the Muhajirs is only because of the he traitors emerged from ranks and files of the MQM as to these traitors have been heavily paid by the establishment. The Muhajirs should hold the traitors accountable.


3/2/2024 6:37:25 AM