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Altaf wants justice, equal rights for Mohajir nation

Altaf wants justice, equal rights for Mohajir nation
 Posted on: 12/24/2022
Altaf wants justice, equal rights for Mohajir nation

LONDON. December 24, 2022 
The ancestors of Mohajir nation created Pakistan while Mohajirs had migrated to Pakistan used everything for developing the country. They invested immensely by virtue of finance, education, skills and talent. But still, they are deprived of basic rights and they are being treated as second class of citizens. Their rights are denied besides practical genocide through fierce military crackdowns. Muttahidda Qaumi Movement - or - MQM that is the sole Mohajir representing political platform has been striving at retrieval of the suppressed freedom of Mohajir nation. The MQM and the founding leader Altaf Hussain want the rights and equal status of Mohajirs and verily don't aim at feasting on others' rights and freedom.
The MQM supremo Hussain asserted this at a gathering of the MQM Middle East which hosted a traditional Daawat-e Haleem."We want justice. We don't want to take away anyone's rights."
MQM has been a victim of unending conspiracies for decades meant to eliminate it.
The first and the most deadliest military crackdown was thus launched against the MQM on June 19, 1992. The then military chief General Asif Nawaz Janjua announced to close Hussain's chapter, recalled Hussain, adding that his chapter was set to exist by almighty Allah and He is the power alone to put an end.General Janjua failed and the proof is that despite atrocities, conspiracies and propaganda, MQM exists under the dynamic leadership of Hussain.Hussain said that though the MQM could not be eliminated due to all the atrocities but the conspirators managed to create touts in ranks and files of the MQM.Sadly, those who were associated with the movement for years, who flanked him till August 22, 2016, parted ways and joined the consortium of conspirators.
Mohajir nation has named such elements as the traitors because they forgot the atrocities on Mohajir nation which were the reasons for his speech which the establishment had exploited and placed an embargo on MQM and him.He asked that when mutilated bodies of my innocent comrades are being found on a daily basis, comrades are going missing, atrocities are being inflicted on the nation and there is no one to wipe away the tears, how can one control his emotions.
Hussain said that he had told the workers in the early days of the movement that in the struggle for the rights of nations, one has to face sufferings, difficulties and trials.
He reminded them that even his family suffered colossal losses of lives.
He said, "I have been in exile for 30 years, but his firm resolve is still unshaken."
Hussain told whoever is the founder of any movement in the world and who gives an idea, resists the oppressors.However, it's just a tragedy that the people involved in the revolutionary movements join the tyrant and corrupt forces for the sake of petty benefits.Thus, they ruin the cause and the freedom movements. So, they are called traitors.He said, "Those who are self-centered opportunists can't serve the nation."
Hussain said that he raised weak Mohajirs to a level of dynamic and strong nation but the traitors along with the haters and conspirers have been doing every notorious job to sabotage the unity of Mohajir nation and in order to weaken them, they are bulldozing Mohair properties and driving them back from every section of life.Hussain said that our forefathers sacrificed their lives to build Pakistan. They left their families, properties, estates, memorials of their elders behind and migrated to Pakistan, but our elders were treated like strangers in Pakistan. Injustices were done in every sphere of life, due to which our elders were forced to think that we have been punished for creating Pakistan. When we started the struggle for the rights of Mohajirs, they were tried to be crushed by state power. They slaughtered more than 25, 000 innocent Mohajirs.He said, "I'm the only voice of the rights of Mohajir nation and the sly consortium of haters and conspirators have embargoed him to speak to his nation."
On the contrary, every single ethnic entity, political groups and parties, nationalists and sepratists and even some  Parliamentarians are cursing the military establishment for its adventures. Today the most popular slogans in Pakistan are against the military establishment and its generals. One of the most popular one is, "Ye Jo Dehshatgardi Hey - Oos Key Peechey Verdi Hey (The Pakistani military is the breeder, producer and exporter of terrorism worldwide).
He said, "We the Mohajirs want a dignified life for our next generations which is our basic right."

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