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Faultfinders with MQM should now name the breeders of terrorism, lawlessness, fiscal collapse, economic default: Altaf Hussain

Faultfinders with MQM should now name the breeders of terrorism, lawlessness, fiscal collapse, economic default: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 12/23/2022
Faultfinders with MQM should now name the breeders of terrorism, lawlessness, fiscal collapse, economic default: Altaf Hussain
"Why peace has become a vanity for the masses alone?"
"Can any name be the perpetrators of ongoing political, economic,  constitutional crises in the country?"
"Why are the country's borders unsafe; borders, check posts, soldiers under attack?"
"Can any dare to expose the elements in politics or in armed forces who drove the country to this suicidal and collapsing situation?"
"Can the people be informed of who keeps them deprived of basic necessities of life like water, food, shelter, electricity, gas?"
MQM  supremo raises many vital questions at a crucial time as world leading economic institutions fear collapse and default of Pakistan, invites the people of Pakistan to find the truth and raise their concerns fearlessly"

LONDON. December 23, 2022:
The frustrated elements have always been finding faults with the MQM just to implement their nefarious agenda of robbing the country and keeping the masses as their slaves. They are the real perpetrators who conspired against Pakistan and the people of Pakistan. The country is today, facing a collapsed economy and heading fast to the shameful default.He asked the people to know about these elements who blamed the MQM for every wrongdoings. The sly consortium of these frustrated, corrupt and ghoulish elements that ruled the country till date  accused the MQM of every crime. Today, they have to tell the people why the country reached this fatal stage of devastation. They have to tell as who is responsible for the return of terrorism, daylight robberies and assassinations in the country?The founder and leader of the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement - or - MQM Mr Altaf Hussain raised these vital questions amid a situation that is similar to and reminds of fall of Dacca.
In his statement released on Friday, the supremo of the MQM, Hussain, expressed his deep concerns over the recent incidents of terrorism in the country and held the establishment and the corrupt and biased leaders, influentials and landowners for the entire mess directly or indirectly.
He deplored that these corrupt and frustrated elements used every trick to malign the MQM and 
used a notorious  propaganda against the MQM and him.It has been 7 years since the MQM was banned in Pakistan. In addition, an unlawful embargo was imposed on Pakistani media restricting them from publishing or broadcasting his statements and live discussions.
Since August 22, 2016, there's a complete blackout of political participation of the MQM in country's mainstream politics. The elements feared the MQM and him most so they wanted to eliminate everything that belonged to the MQM and him. They torched the party's headquarters commonly known as 'Nine Zero'. The same premise was his only house in Karachi and in Pakistan. That premise was under siege for 7 years, too, and was heavily guarded by the paramilitary troopers, the Sindh Rangers.
He asked the perpetrators to explain to the people of the country why the terrorism returned and why daylight robberies are everywhere while the MQM which they used to blame for every wrongdoing was banned since 7 years?The MQM founder and leader Hussain asked why the political and constitutional crises have become gangrene in the country and who is doing all this?
Today, due to the disastrous economic situation, why has Pakistan reached the brink of default due to some elements in country's mainstream politics or even in the armed forces of the country?
Mr Hussain said that inflation has broken all records:, people are being forced to die of hunger, commit suicides due to extreme poverty and unemployment. The basic necessities of life such as water,electricity and gas have become a vanity to the poor.Why has this calamity prevailed? he asked.
Mr Hussain expressed his regret over the incidents of terrorism in corners of the country and said that the people are deeply frightened and insecure.
The terrorists and banned outfits with whom peace talks were held in recent past have once again started killing the innocent civilians. The Taliban easily managed to regain their pockets of choice in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa. The people and locals raised their concerns through social media platforms and mainstreat press and TV but their voices of concerns were ignored. Those who ignored their voices of concerns and huge protest demos should be held responsible. 
He deplored that in Pakistan, only the MQM is not permitted to do politics or do any welfare work while those responsible for this mess are free to do politics.
Mr Hussain invited the people of the country to leave a reply in response to these questionnaires and don't feel intimidated by asking their questions from the perpetrators.

6/19/2024 3:01:52 AM