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Open letter to the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Asim Munir Ahmed By Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of MQM

Open letter to the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Asim Munir Ahmed  By  Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of MQM
 Posted on: 12/8/2022

Open letter to the Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, General Asim Munir Ahmed


Altaf Hussain, founder and leader of MQM

Thursday. December 8, 2022.

Address of the writer of Open letter

MQM International Secretariat (Temporary)

185 Whitchurch Lane,

Edgware Middlesex

 HA8 6QT. United Kingdom.



General Asim Munir Ahmed,

Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan.


Asalam o Alikum!


I, Altaf Hussain son of late Nazir Hussain, am reaching you through this open letter.


I am the founder leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM).


Before the founding the MQM, I founded the "All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization" (APMSO) in the University of Karachi on June 11, 1978, which became the third largest political party in Pakistan and the second largest one in the province of Sindh on the basis of various elections.


Honourable General Asim Munir Ahmed!


I belong to a poor middle class. In terms of education, I am a double graduate and also obtained a pharmacist degree from University of Karachi. I'm a certified pharmacist. A number of military operations were conducted against the MQM since 1992, which are still ongoing. People in MQM also belong to the middle class, majority of whom are highly educated. In the 44-year struggle of MQM, thousands of my comrades were killed extrajudicially, thousands were abducted and enforcedly disappeared majority of which is either being imprisoned or missing. All of them were arrested, disappeared or extrajudicially killed by Paramilitary Rangers, ISI, Police or other agencies.


Honourable General Asim Munir Ahmed,

 MQM is the only party in the country in which no one is a land owner. it is the only party consists of people from lower middle class or upper middle class with sound academic and civilised background.

The manifesto of the MQM' carries a firm resolve to establish a system in the country with complete inter-religious harmony, uniform and zero gender discrimination. Equal opportunities ensured and education is free up to matriculation. No citizen should be allowed to keep licence or unlicenced arms except the armed forces and the law Enforcers.

There should be no discrimination on the basis region, language, cast, colure, creed, race, sex, or religion, faith and beliefs. Everyone should be allowed to practice their religion and sects.

All institutions must obey the constitution of Pakistan. The country must be free from the menaces of drugs and contrabands.

Country should be a welfare state. The state should fulfil responsibility for   health services and facilities to the citizens.

In order to drive the country towards prosperity and economic stability and self-reliance, the decayed feudal system must be eliminated and the agricultural lands must be distributed among the peasants and farmers.

There should also be zero political engineering and/or interference of the Army, ISI in politics.

There is dire need to fully eliminate the menaces of the corrupt and the corruption.

Effective measures must forthwith be introduced and steps promulgated for speedy justice and for the removal of flaws in the justice system.

When convicting the prisoners who have been imprisoned for more than the specified sentence of the crime, the period spent in prison should be deducted and compensation should also be given to those prisoners who have been imprisoned in the prisons for more than the specified sentence.

There should be a complete ban on force marriage, Karo Kari (honour killing), child labour and forced marriage with Quran. All kinds of outdated traditions should be eliminated and a one-window system should be established to provide employment per merit.

 Honourable General Asim Munir,

 I strongly criticized only those army generals who admitted they were involved in the extrajudicial murders of MQM's comrades and those who were involved in dividing the MQM and provided weapons to those factions huge money. The disgruntled were allowed to conduct naked massacre of MQM comrades.

Baseless allegations were levelled against me, the details of which are openly known to everyone. I posses proof of everything.

I can present proof and evidences to you for your convenience.

Honourable General Asim Munir Ahmed,


You are also a Hafiz (Memorizer) of the holy Qur'an, so you will be well aware of the instructions and the decrees of God He laid in the holy Qur'an.

In September 2015, the Lahore High Court imposed a 6-month ban on me which enforced a complete blackout of my speeches, statements, and audio and video from Pakistani press and TV till date.

A major military operation was launched against MQM and myself on the basis of my inappropriate speech on 22nd August 2016, even though I had tendered unconditional apologies twice in black and white on 22nd August 2016, the photocopies of which are annexed herewith.

The centre of MQM Nine Zero Azizabad, which is also the memorial of my mother Ms. Khursheed Begum, was sealed and despite the passage of more than 6 years, the centre of MQM Nine Zero is still closed and under siege.


MQM, of which I am the founder and leader, is still not allowed to do politics and welfare works for the Mohajirs and indigent from other communities.

MQM' is even not allowed to offer rituals and prayers for their martyrs.

The hate against MQM' and me crossed all limits and subsequently, my house and MQM centre Nine Zero was set ablaze a few months ago.

Honourable General Asim Munir Ahmed,

Almost every eminent politician in Pakistan called names to Pak Army Generals, insulted the dignity of the ranks in past many years. They used offensive language and derogatory language which I cannot mention against the army and ISI in public gatherings and the slogan they created against the army is on everyone’s lips.

"Yeh Jo Dehshat gardi Hai

Iskey Peechey Werdi Hey"

(Army is behind every act of terrorism)

Honourable Asim Munir Ahmed,

Despite all these offensives, they are free to speak whatsoever they would like to and no one’s house was sealed.

Honourable Asim Munir Ahmed,

You are also the Memorizer of the holy Qur'an and since you are the commander of the armed forces of the country, your responsibilities for the safety and survival of the country and the protection of the lives and property of the people are beyond question. The prevailing near bankruptcy situation of the country, the turmoil on borders are also naked to eyes.

I expect from you that you will do justice and will remove ban from MQM' and me, release MQM workers from the prisons and recover the missing workers.

Stay blessed. Strive to be a real pride of Pakistan.

Wish you all the best.


Altaf Hussain,

Founder and leader of MQM.

Dated: December 8, 2022.


3/1/2024 2:35:11 AM