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One more MQM activist Shahid Aziz tortured to death in Karachi Central jail

One more MQM activist Shahid Aziz tortured to death in Karachi Central jail
 Posted on: 6/16/2021
One more MQM activist Shahid Aziz tortured to death in Karachi Central jail

LONDON. June 16, 2021: 
Authorities of Karachi Central Prison have tortured to death one of diehard MQM activist, Shahid Aziz.
According to the details, slain Shahid Aziz was unlawfully arrested in 2017 without any lawful charge like other hundreds of MQM activists.
The authorities concealed his arrest for several months and was placed at an undisclosed detention centre. Later on, he was listed as under arrest. He was then placed in Karachi Central Prison under numerous fake charges.
He had lived in jail for a full four-year term without any lawful charge and the authorities failed to prove his involvement in any anti-social activity.
The authorities continued to inflict physical torture during his entire four-year term in jail and lastly, he succumbed to his injuries.
His physical condition had seriously depleted and still he was denied medical assistance. 
Two months ago, he was taken away from prison and was again remanded in custody for 15 days and subjected to vehement physical torture in custody for 15 days. In the same condition, he was transferred to Prison once again. Authorities continued to inflict him with physical torture in prison. This time, he lost his endurance and succumbed to physical torture last Tuesday night.
The Prison authorities moved his body to hospital on Tuesday night so as to endure he was dead in hospital due to natural reason. Family of slain Aziz was informed on Wednesday about his death.
Shahid Aziz son of Muhammad Aziz was 50 years old.  He was a worker of MQM's Shah Faisal Colony Sector, Unit 107. His spouse Mrs Farzana Shamim has also been an elected MQM councillor. The slain Aziz has left behind his widows and two daughters. It is to mention here that the demonic law enforcers in Pakistan mainly comprising Punjabis have been murdering MQM activists extrajudicial since decades.
MQM founder & leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has strongly condemn the extra judicial killing of MQM worker Shahid Aziz in the custody of law enforcement agencies. He said that this extra judicial killing is ongoing state operation against MQM and Mohajir nations. 
Mr. Hussain appealed to the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other international organisation to take notice and do something on SOS basis to stop this genocide of Mohajir nation.

7/23/2021 11:54:57 PM