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MQM HQ set ablaze in Karachi by paramilitary Rangers

MQM HQ set ablaze in Karachi by paramilitary Rangers
 Posted on: 9/9/2022 1

 MQM HQ set ablaze in Karachi by paramilitary Rangers


KARACHI. Sep 9, 2022:

MQM head office know as “ Nine Zero” set ablaze by Para Military Rangers in Azizabad, Karachi.

 First, on midnight of September 9, 2022, paramilitary Rangers cordoned off Azizabad with heavy contingent of troopers. The electricity of the whole crime scene was cut. There was a complete blackout. Nobody was allowed to enter the area thus cordoned off. Panic had spread in that area and the residents were anxious to know what next the pro-Taliban paramilitary Rangers would do. They peeped out and recorded scenes of planed arson a ‘Nine-Zero.’


According to eye witnesses, that a trooper of the Rangers frequently entered ‘Nine-Zero’ with a pale which contained inflammable material. Other troopers were curiously watching their trooper with inflammable material inside. The eye witnesses heard a shrieking sound from inside ‘Nine-Zero’ and then the troopers on guard outside rushed into ‘Nine-Zero’ to rescue him. In the meantime, a fire had erupted which son gripped the ‘Nine-Zero’ with high flames.


The eye witnesses also confirmed that 2 fire extinguishers had been parked near Mukka Chowk in close vicinity of ‘Nine-Zero’. They also confirmed that a dumper and a heavy bulldozer was also parked on main avenue near Government college. Soon after the ‘Nine-Zero’ was set ablaze, both the fire extinguishers and dumper and bulldozer had reached ‘Nine-Zero’. Even though, the electricity of ‘Nine-Zero’ was cut 7 years ago, Police stated it was because of an electric short circuit. As soon as the fire was cooled, Rangers ordered bulldozer driver to start demolishing the ‘Nine-Zero’.


The arson had endangered lives of hundreds of civilians in densely populated area around ‘Nine-Zero’.

Independent sources including local journalists who decided to remain anonymous endorsed the truth that paramilitary Ranges did it.

 The MQM has decided to raise this matter with the United Nations, rights organisations and would reach all international forums of justice for stoppage of genocide of Mohajir nation in Pakistan.

7/19/2024 1:48:13 PM