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Setting ablaze of Nine Zero a deliberate move to eliminate Mohajir nation

Setting ablaze of Nine Zero a deliberate move to eliminate Mohajir nation
 Posted on: 9/9/2022 1

Setting ablaze of Nine Zero a deliberate move to eliminate Mohajir nation

 "Mohajir nation is not only extremely shocked but in extreme fury, too"

 "Military authorities have to answer because '90', has been under siege of paramilitary Rangers since 7 years. Electric short circuit only a lame and fooling excuse as '90', had been without an electric connection since start of the siege seven years ago"


LONDON. September 9, 2022:

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM, has strongly condemned the authorities for setting ablaze Nine-Zero which is the central head office of it in Pakistan.

It resulted in a well-demarcated conspiratorial scheme of the paramilitary Rangers that had held the Nine-Zero under siege 22nd August 2016, almost 7 years and the premise was heavily cordoned off with armed paramilitary Rangers guards 24/7.

In this context, the Central Coordination Committee - or - CCC reacted immediately after the news was spread.

The CCC claims that the human-based investigations have revealed that the fire was not a natural but was a man-triggered move.

It was a pre-planned scheme of the paramilitary Rangers that aims at erasing out the Nine Zero so that the bond of it with the oppressed Mohajir nation ended.

It is not only the MQM, CCC, loyalists, activists of the MQM but the entire civilised world is sad and shocked on this barbaric move if the demons in uniform.

This is a heinous crime against humanity and the United Nations has to take due note of it, CCC urged.

Since the day the Nine Zero was placed under siege on August 22, 2016, the Paramilitary Rangers, i.e. the army, nine Zero has been under strict military surveillance and guard. Therefore, how can there be a fire incident in it.

The CCC claims that the fire was planned. It is as dramatized as was the escape of a Taliban spokesperson from military headquarters. This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous.

As usual, Police's statement in which they call it an electrical short circuit is equally hilarious. Police are immensely accustomed to passing such hilarious statements without time consuming investigation and also on dictation of their masters in military.

The truth is that there was no electricity connection in the Nine-Zero since August 22, 2016.

The CCC said that more evidence is being gathered which would be made public soon.


9/22/2023 3:16:44 PM