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 Posted on: 5/27/2021
31st anniversary of Pukka Qilla Hyderabad Martyrs:

“Military establishment is responsible for the deteriorating situation and the atrocities and injustices done to the people”

LONDON. May 27, 2021: The Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain has paid rich tribute to Pukka Qilla Hyderabad martyrs on their 31st anniversary.
He said any country in which the citizens are wild-hunted and suppressed and inflicted with atrocities for demanding rights, then no country would survive but will vanish like vapour. State atrocities and injustices always open doors to revolution and freedom of the oppressed and thus the demography and geography of the tyrant states gets changed permanently.
No country that consistently dwells on frauds, commits corruption, promotes dishonesty, breeds hatred, and inflicts injustices to its citizens can survive. Pakistan is such a country that is flooded by these negativities and the sole power, the military junta is all responsible for these crimes and henceforth, the people particularly the people of Punjab, must come to the fore against the ongoing oppression and ghoulish military junta so as to bring back the country to general universal standards and principals.
He expressed these views in his address on the occasion of 31st anniversary of Pukka Qilla Hyderabad martyrs.
Every month has its own significance. The month of May is important for the Mohajirs as their brothers and sisters were brutally butchered by the state inside Pukka Qilla Hyderabad. On May 26, 1990, under the then Benazir Bhutto government, Police and ruthless dacoits from all over Sindh were handpicked from prisons and were assembled in Hyderabad. Though there were many outposts of armed forces and paramilitary Rangers, Pukka Qilla was held under siege to implement notorious agenda of massacring the innocent Mohajirs of Pukka Qilla, he deplored.
Hussain said that when such worst state atrocities will be brought down, would it be wrong to protest and call strikes against it? Earlier, on September 30, 1988, more than 300 innocent Mohajirs were massacred in Hyderabad. Terrorists armed with modern weapons attacked them and shot them indiscriminately. Resultantly, more than 300 innocent Mohajirs were thus gunned down. On December 14, 1986, terrorists attacked Mohajir localities Qasba and Aligarh Colony in Karachi and in that attack that lasted for more than six hours; hundreds of innocent Mohajirs were martyred and houses burnt. Similar genocidal attacks were carried in different Mohajir localities such as Green Town, Shah Faisal Colony, Model Colony, Jalalabad Nazimabad, Khawaja Ajmer Nagari, New Karachi and others.
Regretfully, no one raised their voice against the genocide of Mohajirs. No one provided justice to their families and hence their sole representative MQM, under these state atrocities and government patronage, went on strikes.
If the murderers of Mohajirs of Qasba and Aligarh Colony and Hyderabad were brought to justice box, MQM would not have had to go on strikes.
Hussain said that traders who always criticised the call of strikes by MQM praised the army and joined them against MQM are today on strike against the policies of the state. In fact MQM raised its voice against the abuses, injustices and second class treatment meted out to Mohajirs.
“I raised awareness among the Mohajir youth about their rights by preaching in the streets, depriving and frustrating Mohajirs. Freed Mohajir youth from the scourge of contraband and led them to fight for their rights.”
He said that Mohajirs were exposed to sheer injustices and discrimination but MQM felt them feel secure through different measures such as end-to-end vigilance and door-to-door security through Mohajir youth. We set up welfare organisation like Khidmat Khalq Committee and Khidmat Khalq Foundation to help the poor and deserving.
However, the military establishment did not like it and they formed criminal gangs against Mohajirs to target them and through them carried out attacks on the settlements and the MQM and the Mohajirs.
He demanded that the state of Pakistan under the demonic rule of the ghoulish military establishment has to end injustices and atrocities. A notorious propaganda campaign was launched against MQM under which other ethnic communities were told that MQM was their enemy. When all these tactics failed, the military establishment launched a military operation against the MQM on June 19, 1992, which continued despite the changes of government in the country and continues to this day.
Hussain said that more than 15,000 MQM workers, leaders, elected representatives, officials and sympathisers were martyred in a brutal state operation. He said that his elder brother Nasir Hussain who had served Pakistan as a government official for 25 years and his nephew Arif Hussain who wanted to serve the country after becoming an engineer from NED Engineering University were arrested by the army on December 5, 1995 and were subjected to vehement tortured for three days. Later, on December 9, 1995, they were brutally martyred and their bodies were dumped at a deserted land in Gadap area. The army arrested and tortured MQM Deputy Convener Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif, who had taught thousands of students as a professor at Karachi University for years, twice, tortured him, imprisoned him and finally brutally killed him after his arrest on January 13, 2018. His body was also found in his car in Ibrahim Haideri area. Similarly, a young MQM member of National Assembly Ali Raza Abidi was shot dead in front of his house. Similarly, several MQM leaders and representatives were extrajudicially killed, their identities being Mohajirs were ascertained prior to killing them.
He questioned whether MQM present at that time in 1964 when during the time of General Ayub Khan; Mohajirs were attacked by terrorists brought to Karachi from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Was Altaf Hussain present or was MQM in politics when there was a linguistic riot on the issue of Urdu language in 1972, the Mohajirs were martyred in Karachi whose graves are still present in Liaquatabad No.10 Masjid-e Shuhada.
Hussain said that in a country where state atrocities are targeted at the people for demanding their rights, they are killed mercilessly and this oppression is considered as justified, the country does not survive but as a result of oppression the geography of the country would divide and because of oppression and the country cannot go hand in hand. Lies, dishonesty, corruption, hatred, jealousy, prejudice and the country cannot go together.
He said that his heart bleeds to see that in Karachi, In Hyderabad and other cities, Mohajirs are targeted for demanding their rights; their houses are demolished declaring them illegal, while no action is taken in the illegal settlements of other ethnic communities.
“The military establishment is responsible for the deteriorating situation in Pakistan and the atrocities and injustices committed against the people. The army has been in control of the government and the system of the country since the establishment of Pakistan.”
The military establishment is harboring terrorist organisations, criminal gangs and bandits and is suppressing every single voice that is raised. It is targeting political activists and human rights organisations. It is targeting journalists who point out the wrong doings of the army. It attacked, injured and killed many veteran journalists.
He said that the number of enforced disappearances in Pakistan was alarmingly increasing. The United Nations has also demanded an answer from Pakistan in this regard, but due to military pressure, no response has been given to the United Nations. The United Nations has admitted in its recent report that Pakistan has the highest number of enforced disappearances in the world. ۔ ۔
Hussain said that if Pakistan is to take its rightful place and establish true and real rule of the people in the country, then the people of the whole country, especially from Punjab and the journalists, civil society, youth and all must rise up against the consortium of ghoulish military establishment with feudal elites. The nexus and decayed feudal system must be eradicated and the country must be liberated from the corrupt and tyrannical military generals through combined struggle.
He also strongly condemned the police and the administration for targeting traders, shopkeepers and hawkers in Karachi on the pretext of COVID-19 SOPs and extorting huge money from them.
He paid rich tribute to the Pukka Qilla martyrs and said that he will never forget them.
He also paid homage to senior MQM leader late Ms Safia Akbar on her first anniversary and prayed for the departed soul.
He also offered prayers for the early recovery of MQM UK activist Ahmad Imam.

6/19/2021 12:51:28 PM