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Mohajirs were staging protest at city press club on Independence Day

Mohajirs were staging protest at city press club on Independence Day
 Posted on: 8/14/2022
MQM slams governments,  paramilitary troopers, Police over arbitrary arrests of workers

"Mohajirs were staging protest at city press club on Independence Day"

KARACHI. Aug 14: The paramilitary troopers along with city Police arrested a large number of workers and sympathisers, men and women while they had gathered at the Karachi Press Club on the occasion of Pakistan's Independence Day. They were restricted to celebrate country's independence day. Law enforcers had baton charged and arrested them.Former MQM member National Assembly Nisar Panhwar was also arrested.MQM leaders Momin Khan Momin, Nisar Panhwar, Sabir Ahmad and others were also among the participants.
The participants had held placards, party colours and portraits of Altaf Hussain, the founder and leader of the MQM.As started, the gathering chanted slogans in favour of Pakistan and their leader, Hussain, a heavy contingent of the paramilitary Rangers and Police swooped down on them and started making indiscriminate arrests. The LEAs also detained MQM's former Member of National Assembly Nisar Panhwar. On this occasion, MQM leader Momin Khan was badly treated despite the fact that he is old and a patient of cancer.Conversely, the gathering had shifted to another venue called Zainab Market to continue with their peaceful programme. However, the LEAs and plain-clothed intelligence men swooped down on them again, tortured and arrested them.Dozens of workers as well as women were also detained. A worker along with his old mother also came to participate in the demonstration. The LEAs also arrested both mother and son.  The entire family, including the worker's wife, niece and nephew were arrested. All the arrested have been shifted to an undisclosed location.
The Central Coordination Committee of the MQM has strongly condemned the arrests and slammed the government for not allowing it to hold a peaceful demonstration on the Independence Day.
It said that the demonstration of the MQM was not against Pakistan or the army but to raise the voice for justice.It further said that it is a hypocrisy that no action is taken against those who are openly abusing Pakistan, the army, national security agencies and the military top brass. They are allowed to hold all kinds of rallies, political processions, protests and political activities. Nonetheless, the MQM is restricted to carry a peaceful demonstration even though they held the Nation flag.
It said the restrictions will prove counter-productive as a result of which the country would become weaker.It said that by stopping the MQM from peaceful demonstration and arresting its peaceful workers, mothers, sisters and children, the rulers of the country, PPP-led Sindh provincial government and the federal government have once again shown their barbaric anti-Mohajir policy.
The overall tyranny deserves condemnation in all possible terms.
It demanded the tyrant governments and LEAs that the arrested should be released forthwith and the barbarism should be stopped.

9/28/2023 1:18:21 AM
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27 Sep 2023