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 Posted on: 4/23/2021
“Everything becomes devastated in a country where there is a ghoulish military with commercial interests”

LONDON. April 23, 2021:
In a country where the courts are on dictation and the judges are frightened and the judicial system is compromised, that situation is like a giant reptile, the alligator that engulfs even the bones and finished everything as feast. This happens only when institutions start moving in wrong and opposite directions and violate their pre-defined ambits. This could be well understood with the system of the universe in which planets keep within their pre-defined network and never spoil or exploit others’ ambits. For example, the Sun is a planet of the universe around which other planets keep moving in a pre-defined limit of space. Any deviation would end up in disaster.
Altaf Hussain said this in his 2nd thought provoking lecture on Compromised Judiciary of Pakistan.
He said that the system of rotation of these planets in the solar system introduces us to many realities. Newton also one day when he saw an apple falling from a tree discovered the law of gravity.
It is pertinent to mention that Hussain is founder and leader of Muttahidda Qaumi Movement or – MQM He is a great philosopher, a reputed academician, acclaimed historian, philanthropist, human rights tribune, architect of Mohajir nation, creator of Mohajir, eugolised leader of millions, stout revolutionist and statesman and leader who has devoted his life and everything for the reversal of oppression against oppressed Mohajirs and other oppressed nations in Pakistan. His philanthropic and welfare services in Pakistan and internationally are on record and well praised. He is a daring critic who has puzzled the sly cabal of feuds and military junta by representing the original history of Pakistan and hence the feuds and military junta fears him and considers him their open enemy. He lives in exile in London and he has controlled the political arena from London for continued 4 decades.
Just as the planets orbiting the sun revolve in their own orbits, so too any country has a system to move around and the institutions of that country also have their own sphere of work and any deviation would result in complete destruction of the whole plan of the universe. If we consider the country as the sun, then the institutions of the country are its planets, as long as they work within their predefined precincts and assigned works laid in country’s constitution. Respecting the pre-defined assigned work and limits everything works good but even a bit deviation from the course proves devastating, he explained.
During 74-years  of Pakistan, all the institutions of the country have gone beyond their purview.  Most of the armies went beyond their constitutional limits, harmed the country by exceeding their limits, interfered in the administrative affairs of the country, repeatedly violated the constitution and imposed martial laws, established not only their own governments but also military courts,he deplored.
He said that the result of the army's withdrawal from its ambit was that not only the army but also many national institutions of the country like PIA, Steel Mills and others were destroyed.
Duty of the army is to guard and protect the borders of the country but unfortunately the army is not only interfering in the administrative affairs of the country but now runs all kinds of commercial activities. It has countless business varieties from real estate to making sand and gravel, from cement, meat, aerated drinks to cereals and other such things, The MQM founder and leader criticised.
The ghoulish Pakistan army has been getting defense budget in the name of Kashmir for 74 years but Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi abolished Article 370 and made Kashmir an Indian-administered territory but instead of responding to it, Pakistan's army is in business, he said adding that 2 days ago, a US court had severely punished the cop who killed a black citizen George Floyd. The judges did not think what the government or the Pentagon would say because US courts are independent while Pakistani courts are under military control.
“Pakistan’s judicial system has been compromised and is on military dictation and hence it is like an alligator that is eating up everything.”
The statesman Hussain said that journalists, intellectuals and political activists who would dare to criticise the military or even raise their voices of concerns are kidnapped and shot dead by the demonic military, its peripheral paramilitary groups and intelligence agencies.
He said that everyone is aware of the fact that the Taliban and various Jihadi organisations in Pakistan were formed, funded, trained and accommodated by the ghoulish Pak army which carried out suicide attacks, bomb blasts in the country. They murdered the innocent people in thousands and did acts of terrorism and even blew the shrines of religious leaders. The army negotiates with these terrorist organisations but his house has been locked for speaking out for the truth.
He said that in Pakistan, Pak army controls everything, every institution and hence the country has reached the verge of complete devastation.

9/28/2023 1:40:50 AM
Baithak ...
27 Sep 2023