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Pakistan’s existence solely conditioned by neutrality, adherence to constitutional ambit of military establishment: Altaf Hussain

Pakistan’s existence solely conditioned by neutrality, adherence to constitutional ambit of military establishment: Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 4/21/2021
Altaf Hussain speaks on compromised judiciary:
Pakistan’s existence solely conditioned by neutrality, adherence to constitutional ambit of military establishment: Altaf Hussain
“Judiciary must focus on speedy delivery of justice instead of meddling with political and administrative matters – Delayed justice and denial to justice opens venues of military adventurism”

LONDON. April 21, 2021:
Statesman at apex, great philosopher, unmatched historian, excelled academician, proclaimed rights tribune, architect of Mohajir nation and Mohajir identity, creator of most vibrant rights movement, the Muttahidda Quami Movement or  – MQM -, an established pro-democracy and anti-feudalism fighter  and stout revolutionist, founder and leader of the MQM, Altaf Hussain has jolted the decayed and compromised judicial system of Pakistan as he shared mind blowing facts that surround the compromised system of justice in Pakistan.
Not a single of state institutions in Pakistan is working within its constitutional ambit. Judiciary, army, bureaucracy and all other institutions are working above the law while bypassing the constitutional ambit. It is predetermined that when any country where judiciary is compromised or paralysed, the country might not survive long, he said adding that if the army would continue to interfering in political affairs instead of defending its borders, then the country will be destroyed.  If we want to save Pakistan, then the army has to work within its limits and the judiciary has to provide justice to the people of the country fearlessly.
Hussain said that the system of the universe can’t be fully understood by sheer human knowledge. Science and myth are two different subjects and opposite to each other, under the mythology, we are told that the sun rises and sets.  The terms sunrise and sunset have been used for years, but if we look at the solar system of the universe, we find that the sun does not rise or set, but the sun stays in its place, although the earth, which is a planet, revolves around the orbit. There is a bright day when the part of Earth faces the Sun and there is darkness of night when it is on other side,
Deviation from the predetermined orbits would lead to destruction so the planets keep within their predetermined orbits and hence the institutions must remain within the precincts of their constitutionally defined limits or else the country would suffocate to perils.
There are governments at the local, provincial and federal levels, the legislature does legislations, the administration enforces the laws and the judiciary dispenses justice to the people per the constitution and law. There are different departments as well as army, navy, air force and paramilitary forces to protect the country, he opined, adding that all of them work in their respective limits to run the administration of the state. When state institutions cross their limits and act above the pre-defined constitutional duty, it is destined for a country to lose its existence in vapour. Same applies to branches and categories of governments such as local, provincial and federal governments.
The judiciary is not an exemption and in fact, its deviation from the predefined course of action, its failure to dispense justice sans fear and compromise over the constitution would take the country to the gallows with a speed of a rocket, he remarked.
The army is an institution of the state which is subordinate to the government under the constitution. The army cannot deviate from its predefined course of duty and its always subject to obey the orders of the peoples’ representatives that is a government. When the army imposes its military power over the civilian government, the results always come in form of Fall of Dhaka, he argued.
He said that Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947 and at the same time many other countries became independent but in 74 years no other country suffered as much destruction as Pakistan. After 25 years of its existence, Pakistan had collapsed in 1971 and since then it has been on a steep owing to the adventures of the military establishment.
Hussain said that if the courts of a country perform their duties honestly and sincerely within their jurisdiction, then they should not allow any institution to exceed its jurisdiction and make decisions per the Constitution.
He cited the example of George Floyd, a black American who was brutally murdered by a police officer in the United States in May last year. Black citizens around the world, including the United States, protested and chanted slogans against the brutal murder. Floyd was murdered last May and his family got the justice. "I salute the judges of the United States Court and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, for this glorious justice."
Irrespective to cast, colour or creed, every human being, black or white, has the right to live. As the army has a right to live so do the civilians.
There is the justice system of America and here in Pakistan, it is very shameful to look at the justice system. Instead of providing justice to the citizens, the courts of Pakistan sided with the military dictators. Balouchs, Sandhi's, Pashtuns and thousands of Mohajirs have been extrajudicially killed.  Thousands of Mohajirs are still missing, their families have been going to the courts for years but the courts have not provided justice till date. The judges are also responsible for the destruction of the country.
He said that the Chief Justice of the country Saqib Nisar declared Imran Khan as honest and trustworthy, ordered for demolishing the houses of the poor had ignored the illegally built residence of the sitting Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi, Bani Gala.
He further said that there is a lot of talk of corruption in Pakistan and political leaders are being sent up the river over the pretext of corruption. However, not a single case of corruption proved yet against any politician. A video clip of the National Accountability Bureau’s sitting Chairman’s offensive and harassing conversation with a woman has also been viral.
Hussain said that in a country where army generals are corrupt and ghoulish and build huge properties during their military service and after they get retired they leave for abroad where they live their lavish lives.
What the Rangers have been doing in Karachi for past four decades?  Has their presence exterminated the crimes and the peace has prevailed? he questioned.
He said that if those who raised their voice for their rights would be extrajudicially killed and their mutilated bodies would be dumped and the entire country would remain silent, then the country would not survive. In Pakistan, rights activists and journalists are on constant target for exposing the perpetrators and raising their voices. Senior MQM leader and senior lecturer Prof Dr Hassan Zafar Arif was arrested and extrajudicially killed and his body was dumped in the area of Ibrahim Haidari but no one in the whole country raised a voice against him.
Hussain said that if Pakistan really wants to live then the army has to move away from politics and work within its limits. As well, the judiciary and all other state institutions have to work within their limits and it must be ensured that the people get justice which should be seen.

9/22/2023 2:24:05 PM