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 Posted on: 3/12/2021

Dear Companions!
The MQM was formed in 1984. On this day, MQM came with a detailed programme, policies, agendas and objectives of the MQM. MQM had also laid a comprehensive party manifesto that revolves around the interest of our beloved country, Pakistan. Please! Read that manifesto, which I lay before you all to go through it and pay heed to the points of the MQM. It is what all of you have knowledge as what tests the MQM entered and what agonies it has till date suffered. The points of the Manifesto presented in 1984 are same and intact.
The first of these few points is to transform Pakistan into a welfare state where no one goes hungry and no one continues to live as poor and unemployed and that everyone gets equal opportunities.

The second important point pertains to the decayed system of feudalism, which has been in vogue in the country for 74 years and it should be completely abolished from the country. Almost all countries have rid of this feudalism and democracy has replaced it because under the canvass of democracy, everyone can attain equal opportunity to  show his capabilities.

The MQM held regular gatherings, the largest party in the history of Pakistan that promotes inter-faith harmony and has been successful. The credit for bringing thousands of clerics and religious scholars under one umbrella simply goes to the MQM alone.
MQM always wanted to make Pakistan a practical model of peace and tranquility and harmony in all sections of life and MQM is still standing on it and with the blessings of the almighty Allah, MQM will continue to make every effort to cement this harmony.

آA few days ago, International Women's Day was celebrated and seminars were held across Pakistan but if any promoted and supported women to actively participate in active politics then the credit goes to the MQM. The MQM has inculcated such traditions in politics that participation in politics and electioneering should not revolve around dominant males but also the females.
The MQM has always demanded that women be given equal rights. They should be given this opportunity in every sphere of life where they have the ability and desire to work. Another very important thing that we have had in Pakistan for 74 years is a class that has been ruling, it is called elite; elite means a class of people that occupies lion’s share of available resources. Their offspring go to schools, colleges and universities specific to them only and their syllabus is designed in United States of America or in Great Britain.

And for the non-elite class in Pakistan, there are "Yellow schools", i.e. very dilapidated schools, where even clean drinking water is not available. MQM's effort and struggle is to establish a uniform education system in Pakistan.
The Manifesto also reads that everyone should play a pivotal role for the development of the country and everyone should contribute to the country’s development per his/her capabilities. All the institutions of the country including the security agencies should remain in their constitutional ambit and all institutions, including the security agencies should be held high with regards. Every effort should be made to refrain from talk and actions that might lead to maligning the country and its institutions and the enemies of the country might benefit.

Dear listeners!
I feel it is imperative to go back to August 22, 2016, a day when the MQM Coordination Committee went on a hunger strike outside the Karachi Press Club. Everything is on record. The comrades who were on protest they were in extreme conditions and every naked eye could feel their pain and agony.
People used to visit the hunger strike camp outside the press club along with their kids and families whose sons and men have gone missing. Besides, there were reports that raids were conducted and arrests were made round the clock and the situation looked to going unstoppable. Witnessing that horrible situation and feeling their agony deep inside, I was compelled to curse the flawed system, not the country. The judicial system does not ensure speedy and impartial justice.
Unfortunately, with the slip of tongue, I had uttered something that should not be made but I felt that mistake and offered my unconditional apologies to the Pakistan’s Military and ISI Chiefs. I wrote letters to the Chief of Army Staff General Rahil Sharif and the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa with my own hands. I addressed the people of all national security agencies and the people of Pakistan. I apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused. I gave detailed explanations. I apologise once again today on the occasion of the 37th Foundation Day of the MQM

Ladies and gentlemen!
MQM is the only party in Pakistan that has its exemplary discipline and sole representative party of people from the middle class; MQM wants a justice system which should be readily accessible. However, even after lapse of 74 years, the Supreme Court is a place where a poor could not enter and can’t afford to hire a counsel who should represent him in Courts. The question is that where a common man should go for justice?  While using this audio message as means of communicating my stance and views, I would bring to the notice of the people that I will never use a lie to suppress the truth and vice versa. What is wrong is always wrong.

I will speak the truth until my last breath. This is my promise to Almighty Allah and to the people of Pakistan. I ask the law enforcement agencies that they must do their assigned lawful job honestly and work harder and harder, but remember that the one who is accused should only be punished and if the culprit is absconding, his family should not be victimised. It is my strong appeal that the accused be arrested and brought to justice but he should not be forced to disappear.

Ladies and gentlemen!
The Coordination Committee has decided to celebrate the 37th Foundation Day of the MQM with full enthusiasm  on March 18, 2021 and the biggest manifest of unity and solidarity would be at the Mukka Chowk in Azizabad in Karachi. So, I urge all to head to the Mukka Chowk on that March 18 day to commemorate the Foundation Day peacefully. I endorse the decision of the coordination committee. I strongly urge the loyal and sympathetic workers from Karachi and other cities of Sindh including Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, Tando Jam, Kotri, Badin and other cities to gather at Mukka Chowk on March 18 to mark the 37th Foundation Day of the MQM and demonstrate the ideal unity.

Dear Companions!
Hold gatherings at various places would tarnish the main event at the Mukka Chowk. You should play party songs and anthem anywhere in your respective cities  but do not interfere in anyone's work and there should be  zero impediment to the vehicular traffic on streets.

As you know that time is short and there is a lot of work to be done yet. The financial situation is in front of all of you. No matter how poor you are but try to save some money and spend it on preparing party banners. Bring flags with you but strictly adhere to organisational discipline. Your gathering should not disturb a traffic gridlock anywhere and the APMSO should take due care of this special task for ensuring easy and unimpeded movement of vehicles on streets. These are our traditions of the past. I once again urge APMSO colleagues to ensure that there is no traffic gridlock. Initiate arrangements to ensure the flow of traffic on the surrounding roads and cooperate fully with the administration wherever possible.There is COVID-19 pandemic everywhere in the world and Pakistan is not an exemption so I insist on all of you to apply COVID-19 SOPs to stay safe and for the safety of the others by using face mask and social distancing. 
I urge you all to disperse peacefully after the Foundation Day commemorations and make sure that unlawful act is not committed in any form and that any inconvenience to the public is strictly avoided.

I appreciate my loyalists for their unshaking support during most difficult and tedious times and I pay tribute to my steadfast elders, mothers, sisters, youth, students, boys, girls who have been associated with the movement since August 22, 2016 to this day.

My comrades!
I would also ask you that you should never repeat the shortcomings of the past and that as nation; we have to correct the mistakes of the past as much as possible.

Dear Companions!
Discipline is the hallmark of the MQM where every one of you has to adhere to it firmly. We must respect women and we must carve out ways so that they may move anywhere without fear and with a sense of being protected.

Stay blessed.


9/21/2021 9:00:17 PM