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 Posted on: 4/19/2021

Fixing this slogan to the Pakistan movement is a pure deception purportedly meant to distort historical facts – Pakistani Premier is the biggest liar – Why Pakistan’s Prime Minister reached a written agreement with the TLP for expelling French Ambassador from the country while he is unable to honour this agreement – It is ridiculous that a day earlier the government announced banning the TLP but it engaged it in dialogue in just 24 hours – Prior to expelling the French Ambassador, the Prime Minister has to take action on Military Junta’s massive corruption and their actions that are in absolute violations to the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings – These ghoulish Pak Army Generals consider them unanswerable to Allah and feel they are above the law –

LONDON. April 19, 2021: Great philosopher, unmatched historian, academician at his apex, philanthropist of all times, tribune accepted globally, thinker with real broad vision, architect of Mohajir Nation, founder of Pakistan’s sole liberal, political and rights movement the MQM, Altaf Hussain while continuing his true history-based informative lectures on Pakistan. its history and past, today and future, spoke to his millions of followers in Pakistan and across the world.
In his mind blowing address, he mesmerised his follower with his words that the slogan Pakistan was created on religious basis and the Pakistan movement slogan was La Ilaha Illallah which means there is no God but All. Pakistan movement and this religious slogan and religious basis have nothing to do anything with each other. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi had totally lied in his broadcast address to the nation a day in which he interlinked Pakistan movement and religious slogan, La Ilaha Illallah.
This slogan might be a one that could please the Pak Army Generals and him. They are the Pak Army Generals who carved him out as Pakistan’s Chief Executive. This slogan could never be the slogan of the believers who believe on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and love him.
"La ilaha illallah" had never been a foundation of Pakistan movement.  This is a total lie, wrong and an attempt to distort the historical facts. All India Muslim League did not use this slogan in the entire Pakistan Movement. To associate this slogan with Pakistan Movement is meant to distort the historical facts. The fact is that an old poet from Sialkot wrote in his poem during Tehreek-e-Pakistan.  What does Pakistan mean by La ilaha illallah? ”Said the poet.  The great poet died at the age of 92.  In the time of General Ziaul Haq, it was added in the textbooks that "Pakistan was created on the religious basis and thus a slogan cited above was the foundation of that religious (Islamic) Pakistan.
“I have, on the basis of deep research discovered this fact from the authoritative historians and senior intellectuals who have contributed to the history of Pakistan Movement”, the MQM founder asserted.
Hussain said that Imran Khan had in his address to the nation said that the aim of Tehreek-e Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) is our aim but simultaneously, contradicted his statement by asserting that the TLP exploited the honour and Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.  The TLP’s sit-in and protest was because the government and the army had reached a written agreement with TLP that the French ambassador would be expelled from Pakistan and a resolution would be passed in the parliament in this regard.  Then, the PM said that in case Pakistan would expel the French Ambassador, relations with France and the European Union will deteriorate and if this happens, Pakistan's trade with European countries will stop and the country's economy will be affected.
He asked the PM that if he is a true lover of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, as he always claims to be, then he should never compromise on the honour of the Prophet at any cost.
Hussain said that if the ambassador of France could not be deported, then why did he make a written agreement with TLP? And if he had made a written agreement, then why did he break his promise?  Isn't the one who breaks the covenant a hypocrite?
First the government and Pak Army Generals signed the agreements with TLP and when the agreement was not implemented, TLP took to streets. A federal minister calmed that the government had imposed ban on TLP but the government was at the same time engaged with TLP in dialogue.
He said that Khan in his speech paid tribute to cops who laid their lives in confrontation with TLP and had not named any of the TLP’s dead.
Imran Khan said that he has more knowledge about the West anyone could have and when Salman Rushdie insulted the Holy Prophet in his book in 1991, people in Pakistan took to the streets.  They came out and protested, but even after that, the honour of the Holy Prophet was insulted in other European countries.  Expressing his efforts with great pride, Imran Khan said that he raised the issue of Islamophobia in Europe at the United Nations in 2019, writing a letter to the founder of Facebook on the issue of blasphemy. 
Hussain asked Khan whether Islamophobia in Europe ended after Imran Khan's actions.  Has the blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) stopped in Europe? Khan should not fool the nation on TV because Imran Khan has nothing to do with the Holy Prophet. He asked Khan where he got such a large estate from Bani Gala in the name of his residence.  Did he fulfill any of the promises and claims he made before he came to power? He promised that when he would be in power, he would convert the Prime Minister's House into a University, demolish the big governors' houses and tear down their walls. Did this promise come true? Khan had also said that he would never lie to the nation.
Khan has to tell the nation that they are the corrupt and ghoulish Pak Army Generals that declare anyone a traitor. This 74 year history of Pakistan shows that those who do not prostrate in front of the generals of the army, they make their lives miserable.
“I also refused to prostrate in front of these corrupt generals, they accused me of treason, I am proud of such treason.”
Hussain said that there is a decision of Los Angeles Court about Imran Khan that Imran Khan is the father of an illegitimate child without marriage to Sita White, the world is aware of his role but some Pakistani Maulvis (Clerics) praise him. 
India engulfed Kashmir but the coward Pak Army Generals did not dare to face the Indian Army and what they have in their missile arsenal kept lying in stores despite their tall claims that they would not hesitate in case of any act of aggression by India.
Hussain said that the corrupt military generals of Pakistan consider themselves above God and above all law on earth, Look at the corrupt military generals of Pakistan who take huge salaries and perks and privileges, as well as get wealth from illicit sources, go abroad after retirement and build huge properties, Papajons chains, buy and sell land and do various kinds of business. They consider those who speak the truth in the country as traitors but after they are retired from military service they choose to living the rest of their life abroad and work for foreigners outside the country.
Unfortunately, Pakistan’s apex court, National Accountability Bureau or any other institution of  the state is not free and independent but it is controlled and dictated by Pak Army. They say that the constitution is supreme but the generals of the army have repeatedly trampled on the constitution under their long boots.
Outraged by the extrajudicial killings of my workers, their continued enforced disappearances and the discovery of their mutilated bodies, and the criminal silence and tyranny of state institutions, he said goodbye to Pakistan.
“I was declared a traitor.  No action was taken against the generals who broke the country.”
Hussain said that he was banned after protesting but the people of MQM who applauded in support of his statement were included in Khan's government. If Khan is truthful then the same people should be removed from the government.
He said that he has always spoken the truth and would never stop speaking the truth.  Unfortunately, any government in Pakistan is not free to form a cabinet and make decisions on its own. The PM also consults the army instead of the leaders of his party. The people of the country suffer the consequences.  The decision-makers of the army generals live comfortably while the poor people of the country, labourers, peasants, farmers, lower middle class, middle class people and their children are destined to live a life of poverty and hardship.
He said that if honesty and sincerity had been allowed to prevail in Pakistan, then the sly cabal of corrupt military junta, feuds, and capitalists would have not occupied the country as their land and that the poor of the country could have also prospered. Sadly, the consortium of the corrupt military junta and feuds has occupied the country since its inception in 1947. However, there is good news for the oppressed people of Pakistan that they will soon get rid of this consortium of evils and no matter if we have to wait for another 74 months, where as you have waited for 74 years.

8/19/2022 8:19:26 PM