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Army generals cannot continue injustices and atrocities against Mohajirs and other oppressed nations for long Altaf Hussain

Army generals cannot continue injustices and atrocities against Mohajirs and other oppressed nations for long Altaf Hussain
 Posted on: 4/14/2021

Army generals cannot continue injustices and atrocities against Mohajirs and other oppressed nations for long Altaf Hussain

All office bearers and workers all over the world including Pakistan should prepare themselves actively to resist state atrocities

Instructed to re-organise the MQM’s organisational set-up – Its time for end of state oppression against Mohajirs and their sole representative MQM


LONDON. 15 April 2021:

An exigent meeting of the Muttahida Quami Movement’s Central Coordination Committee (CCC) was held today. MQM founder and leader Mr Altaf Hussain had chaired it. The meeting lasted for seven tedious hours because the meeting pondered upon options, opportunities, and policy-backed future plans of the MQM. It reviewed the fast-changing situation in the world and in particular the overall political situation of Pakistan which is as usual in doldrums.

The MQM supremo, as he was in chair, said that the worst state operation against the Movement started years ago.

The military junta has fully implemented its notorious agenda against the MQM and Mohajir Nation in which thousands of innocent MQM workers have been executed extra-judicially after they were picked unlawfully from their houses.

The state operation against MQM has been intensified since August 22, 2016. The demonic military and its peripheries have even executed the MQM Deputy Convener and Senior Professor Hassan Zafar Arif and several other innocent workers.

Mr Hussain said that for the last five years, the headquarters of MQM, Nine Zero and the offices of all its affiliated departments including Khursheed Begum Memorial Secretariat and MPA Hostel have been sealed. The Martyrs monument in Jinnah Ground adjacent to Nine Zero, the MQM headquarters in Azizabad, Karachi has been desecrated by demolishing it and the relatives and sympathisers of the martyrs are not even allowed to attend the ceremonies there and say their Fatiha to the departed souls.

In addition, MQM offices across the province have either been demolished or sealed by the paramilitary force, the Rangers. It has been a misery that the Military establishment has restricted the MQM from carrying out any political activity.

In Karachi and other cities of the province, the MQM workers and sympathizers have been subjected to inhuman state repression.

The ghoulish military junta of Pakistan has extended its devilish agenda to all the ethnic communities and nations in Pakistan and they have been with-hunting not only Mohajirs but Sindhis, Balochs and Pashtuns in FATA areas are also being arrested and forced to disappear.  Families of missing persons across the country are on protest peacefully for the return of their loved ones, but military agencies are not listening to them.

The demonic military Junta that is the sole controlling elite of Pakistan has started using other tactic to diffuse its wrath on Mohajirs and in this very context, leased houses of Mohajirs are being demolished in the name of encroachment and thus countless Mohajirs have been rendered homeless.

Mr Hussain while condemning the ghoulish military on placing islands of Sindh and Gwadar and other areas in Balochistan under the control of the Peoples Republic of China said that evicting the people of Sindh and Balochistan from their own territories in their own homeland is nothing but sheer tyranny.

The MQM Supremo also slammed the federal cabinet on approving the fraud Census results of 2017. Conversely, the population of Karachi has been slashed from 30 million to 14.9 million and the present government has cheated on the Karachiites.

Mr Hussain said that the oppression and injustices inflicted on Mohajirs and other oppressed nations in Pakistan by the Generals of the demonic and ghoulish military of Pakistan now has to be ended. Henceforth, the loyalists of the MQM spread across the world especially in Pakistan, now have to play their decisive role for which they have to prepare themselves both mentally and physically.

The MQM founder and leader Me. Hussain has instructed the CCC to expedite the organisational revamping of the MQM in Karachi, Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Sukkur, Nawabshah, Sanghar, Tando Allahyar, Kot Ghulam Muhammad and other cities of Sindh as well as re-organisation of overseas units.

“The MQM loyalists should be reached and consulted for future action plan”, he said adding that those loyalists who are ready to come forward and play their role actively should give advice regarding future strategy of the MQM.”

He further asked the CCC that it should engage all the loyalists and in this context all the loyalists may reach the MQM CCC any time via Movement’s specific WhatsApp number “0044-7908510556.”


6/23/2024 2:33:49 PM