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Another MQM worker Shahid Kaleem extra judicially killed by Para military Rangers in Karachi

 Posted on: 12/6/2020

Another MQM worker Shahid Kaleem extra judicially killed by Para military Rangers in Karachi

London.. 6th December 2020

Another MQM worker Shahid Kaleem extra judicially killed in Karachi. He was arrested on 9th December 2016 by Para military Rangers and personnel of security forces from his home in Liaqatabad area of Karachi. He was enforcedly disappeared since 2016. His wife rushed to the local Police station, Rangers headquarter and offices of agencies but they denied the arrest of Shahid Kaleem.  His wife lodged petition for his enforced disappearance but court did not give her justice. During last 4 years Shahid Kaleem was not presented before any court of law. Today his mutilated body was found from Surjani Town area of Karachi. Wife of Shahid Kaleem told to media that her husband was not involved in any crime, nor any case was registered against him, neither had he had any animosity against anybody. Speaking to media she said her husband was a member of MQM, he was arrested by agencies and they tortured and killed him. She said her husband’s body was mutilated, his whole body was black due to electric shocks and there was a hole in his head.  Shahid Kaleem was 35 and had a 13 years old daughter.
MQM founder leader Altaf Hussain has strongly condemn the callous killing of MQM member Shahid Kaleem. He said that he was arrested 4 years ago by deep state. Today his mutilated body was found. He offered his heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family. Mr Hussain appealed to the UN Secretary General Mr. Antonio Guterres to take immediate   action against this brutal killing of Shahid Kaleem.More over MQM Convener Tariq Jawaid and members of Central Coordination Committee strongly condemn the extra judicial killing of Shahid Kaleem.  In their joint statement they said that brutal killing of Shahid Kaleem is a part of on-going genocide of Mohajir nation.They said that thousands of MQM members and Mohajirs were killed by Para Military Rangers and agencies during on-going state operation, thousands are still enforcedly disappeared, and missing workers are being killed one by one by the deep state.
MQM Coordination Committee appealed to the UN and human rights organisation to raise their voice against these killings.

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