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 Posted on: 11/15/2020

London: 15th November 2020
Muttahida Quami Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain, who is a know politician, creator of Mohajir identity and nation, an ideologue, an academician, a philosopher, a true statesman has slammed the military establishment and the Pakistani Foreign Minister (FM) on maligning the MQM.
The spokesperson of the Pakistani military, the Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) along with the FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi had alleged MQM of accepting funds from Indian intelligence – RAW.
Hussain has categorically and vehemently denied the allegations against the MQM and termed the allegations as " Khisyaani Billi Khumba Nochey " meaning (A CAT NOT ABLE TO CATCH MICE WILL SCRATCH THE PILLAR IN FRUSTRATION).
Declaring that the same false, baseless and misleading allegations had been leveled against him and the MQM in the past but these allegations had not been proven in any court till date, Altaf Hussain said.
He was addressing the leaders and workers of MQM Overseas Units on telephone last night.
He said that the fact is that on the morning of Friday, Nov 13, 2020, the Indian Army launched a fierce attack in the Neelum Valley, killing and injuring a large number of Pakistani soldiers (M0re than 100 per confirmed reports). The attack was so severe that the Pakistani army fled leaving the bodies of its soldiers behind. It is a historical fact that Pakistan started the war in Kargil and Siachen and attacked India but when the Indian army retaliated, the Pakistani army was forced to flee from Kargil and Siachen and Pakistan refused to take the bodies of its soldiers. Due to this, the funeral prayers of the Pakistani soldiers were offered by the Muslim soldiers of India and they were buried.

Mr. Hussain said that if there was an attack on the Pakistani army in the Neelum Valley by India, it should have been retaliated or controlled by the Pakistani army. The issue of line violation was raised at the United Nations but to divert the public's attention from this traumatic injury, the military establishment once again turned its guns on him (Altaf Hussain) and the MQM, saying that it was definitely the work of the MQM and Altaf Hussain.
They thought that if they would raise this issue in the United Nations, no one would listen to them because Pakistan's diplomacy has become a luxury and Pakistan's diplomacy is zero compared to India.
He said that whatever the case may be, their words would not be complete without mentioning the name of Altaf Hussain. When Mian Nawaz Sharif asked why Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa and ISI Chief General Faiz Hameed were interfering in political affairs, Nawaz Sharif was later slandered in all the TV talk shows, first Altaf Hussain was criticised.
They (Media) said that Nawaz Sharif has become Altaf Hussain. He said that in PTM meetings, slogans like "Wherever there is terrorism, there is military behind it" were chanted, in Islamabad "Bajwa kutta hi hi"(Meaning Bajwah is such a hateful creature) . Slogans were chanted, did Altaf Hussain do this too?
He said a religious group had staged a sit-in in Islamabad, attacked police and government property, set them on fire, but instead of taking action against them, army generals distributed money among them. He asked who was supporting Taliban leader Sufi Muhammad. Was Osama bin Laden recovered from Nine Zero? Who created Jihadi organisations?
He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had confessed in front of an international think tank in the United States that Pakistan's army had created and trained al-Qaeda and the Taliban but if we say that, we are accused of treason.
He termed Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah's sister, Mother of the Nation, Fatima Jinnah was also declared a traitor and Indian agent. From Fatima Jinnah to Altaf Hussain, they called every Mohajir a traitor. Even the scientist who made Pakistan a nuclear power, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, had to say that he was treated badly because he is a Mohajir.
They call Balouchs, Sindhis and Pathans traitors but a Punjabi slave Mustafa Khar who said we will come sitting on Indian tanks was made governor of Punjab. To date, no Prime Minister has been allowed to complete five years. Was it done by Altaf Hussain or by the army? Did Altaf Hussain or the army lay down 93,000 weapons in history?
Hussain said that today he accused us of taking money from India to mislead the nation. If that happened then would we be in this situation today? If the army general had been brave, instead of accusing Altaf Hussain, it would have taken revenge on India for the clashes in Neelum Valley. Instead they are making false accusations against us to divert attention from the situation. In fact, the military is following in the footsteps of Goebbels of Germany to tell a lie as far as the truth is concerned. Also on June 19, 1992, during the military operation against MQM, Brigadier Asif Haroon called journalists from Punjab and told them that maps of Jinnahpur had been recovered from the MQM headquarters and that MQM wanted to build Jinnahpur with the help of India. But the military itself withdrew the charge. We demanded rights but the state atrocities were inflicted and thousands of our innocent youth were brutally martyred. One of our young activists Waqas Shah, who was an excellent compiler and a true Pakistani, was martyred by Rangers during the raid on Nine Zero. They martyred a true Pakistani. He said that his (Hussain’s) elder brother Nasir Hussain who served Pakistan in civil service for 25 years, his nephew Arif Hussain who had nothing to do with politics, was killed for what crime? To whom should I ask for the account of his murder? He has not given justice to anyone. Former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif announced the investigation of extrajudicial killing of MQM worker Aftab Shaheed but the killers were not punished. Sitting Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa assured Naqibullah Mehsud's father to punish the killers of his son but Rao Anwar is still free.
Hussain said that Muslims are being persecuted in Xinjiang province of China, they are being forcibly converted, mosques are being turned into clubs and taverns, Muslim women are being imprisoned but the generals, prime ministers and ministers of Pakistan army are silent. They protested against the publication of blasphemous sketches in France but remained silent on the same blasphemous act of China.
Hussain said that he has always taught his colleagues not to feel ashamed in any work as he did all his works from his own hands from cleaning house to sewing his clothes, cooking for his colleagues with his own hands or do any hard work and that he is not ashamed of any hard work. Even in the early days of the movement, when we built an office with a room on the first floor of a building in Liaquatabad, the roof of that room was tanned and there was no bathroom door, the bathroom was very dirty and I used to go downstairs every day to get water and the bathroom.
The three of us used to go to Orangi Town on Honda Fifty motorcycle. He said that he used to go to Burns Road and make pamphlet stencils, make photocopies of the news and then go up to the offices of the newspapers to give the news. They are my brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and a father feeding his children. "I wrote a letter in my own hand writing and asked for money from my elders, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. I did not reach out to the establishment. The army men came to me with boxes full of notes, but I did not."
He said that hd had kicked the note boxes but did not take any illicit money. Now that the situation is like this, it is being said that Altaf Hussain is working as a labourer.
“Yes, I am working as a labourer, I am not doing any unlawful act and not lifting anyone's turban with envelopes like pen-selling journalists.
Hussain said that in fact now people are coming closer to him even in the villages of Sindh. The establishment is suffering and they have intensified their atrocities, conspiracies and propaganda against us. Altaf Hussain's ideology was, is and will remain in every corner of the country. We will continue our peaceful struggle.
He asked the workers not to be discouraged by such tactics but to maintain unity in their ranks, remain steadfast and inform all democratic countries and human rights organizations about the atrocities.

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