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 Posted on: 11/12/2020

“This was also the position of the late Sain G. M. Syed – MQM founder
LONDON: Nov 12, 2020:
Addressing an exigent meeting of leaders and workers of Overseas Units including U.S.A., Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and South Africa on November 12, Altaf Hussain, Founder Leader of MQM, who is the Father of Mohajir Nation and a known philanthropist, an academician, a philosopher, a historian, and ideologue, a rights tribune and a true statesman, said that conspiracies of anti-MQM elements have been intensifying. The traitors of Mohajir nation have been deceiving the nation since Aug 22, 2016. It’s extremely painful to describe in letters and words the collective damage they have so far inflicted on Mohajir nation.
He said that both Sindhis and Mohajirs together can liberate Sindh from the slavery of the federation. Land of Sindh is under the control of military, federal authorities and their paid touts so this land of Sindh cannot be liberated from the slavery of the federation alone and separately.
Late Sain G. M. Syed had also worked on similar thought.
He said that he has repeatedly asserted that anti-Sindh elements have intensified the conspiracies of Sindhis and Mohajirs to fight each other. Therefore, the permanent residents of Sindh have to be aware of the conspirators and their conspiracies.
He said that every member of the nation must play his part in this struggle for the attainment of rights. Similarly, in the current situation, all MQM workers living overseas must be more active and should realise their responsibilities.
"As far as I am concerned, I personally did not care about the armor of my life yesterday, nor do I care today. I am still facing many cases while living in the UK and I am ready to endure the greatest hardship and make every sacrifice."
He said that all the activists and responsible people are well aware of the way he has been fighting day and night for the last 45 years to give the nation its rights. Workers of MQM overseas should make their organisational work active and in the present situation, they must learn lessons from the sincerity and action of their colleagues who are on duty day and night as most of them are children. If we can take time out of our responsibilities and give time to the movement, then other workers should also realise their responsibilities and understand the most disturbing situation of their nation and play their best role in fulfilling their national duties and responsibilities.
The MQM founder Altaf Hussain paid rich tributes to the workers and especially the MQM UK workers for playing their role with utmost honesty, integrity and duty.
He said that the sisters, elders, youth, millennial and students in Pakistan, despite the extreme difficulties, untoward, unfavorable and hostile conditions are still associated with the movement with courage and courage and continue the movement at the risk of their lives.
He also paid rich tributes to the comrades in jails, who are enduring hardships even in the most difficult circumstances but have not backed down from their stand.
He said that the families of the martyrs and their missing comrades and their families were showing steadfastness and such examples are rarely witnessed in history.
He also paid tributes to the mothers, sisters and comrades of the movement who have been providing all possible assistance to the families of the martyrs and captives and the families of the missing comrades.

10/27/2021 11:19:51 PM