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 Posted on: 9/7/2020 1


“The British Empire used religion as a weapon for this conspiracy - Muslims who had lived with Hindus in India for hundreds of years were deceived in the name of nationalism - The British Empire made their loyalists have Pakistan and made General Gracie the first Chief of Army Staff - Descendants of Ka’aba shooters involved in massacre of Muslims in Palestine, Somalia, Bengal and Yemen - In the presence of Altaf Hussain, there will be no feudal system in free Sindh and everyone will have personal and religious freedom – People should not involve in the issue of linguistic identity and focus all your attention on the freedom of Sindh - PPP wants to make Sindh a colony of Punjab under the guise of federation - Not all the sons of Sindh recognize the federation; the federation means nothing but the rule of Punjab and slavery - The true sons of Sindh should liberate the land of Sindh and save the coming generations from the humiliation of slavery under Punjab”


LONDON. JULY 25, 2020: Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain has said that Pakistan was established under the conspiracy of the British Empire and the British Empire used religion as a weapon to accomplish its designs in form of Pakistan under that conspiracy. He expressed these views in his 4th video lecture on historical facts the other day. The lecture was watched and heard all over the world including Pakistan through social media. In the lecture, healso offered a brief synopsis of the previous lecture.

Mr.Hussain said that the history of India is very ancient and there were people of different dialects and languages, different civilizations and diverse cultures in every part of the undivided subcontinent India. The subcontinent India was one and the same,which the British divided into several parts and the British resorted to religion to accomplish their designs under the conspiracy. The Muslims living in India were inadvertently burnt in the fire set by the British and the Muslims living with the Hindus in India for hundreds of years were deceived in the name of bi-national ideology that Muslims are a separate nation and the yneeded a separate homeland.

He said that the subcontinent was occupied by the British Empire and our forefathers had been fooled in the name of religion and the Muslims of the Muslim minority provinces of the subcontinent sacrificed their lives and property because it was becoming a separate homeland for Muslims while the reality was just the opposite. There was lying, fraud, deception and mirage. When it became difficult for the British to maintain occupation of the subcontinent,they made Pakistan for their loyalists from West Punjab (today’s Pakistan) to protect their interests in future and General Gracie was made the first Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan and established ISI. ISI targets detainees inhumanely, humiliate their women in front of their family members,extra judicially kill them, and kidnap civilians and make them disappear.

He said that when well known journalist Matiullah Jan was abducted, the whole of Punjab went into mourning

 For many years, Balochs, Pashtuns,Sindhi-speaking Sindhis and Urdu-speaking Sindhis have been missing. The whole Punjab is silent on this atrocity.

Exploring history of occupying India by British Mr. Hussain said that John Midnall was the first Englishman to enter India in 1560. He was a tourist. When Midnall saw a stockpile of wealth and gold and silver in India, he wrote letters to the British Empire. It is a golden bird.  Based on the information provided by Midnall, the British plotted to occupy India which was put into practice by a delegation of businessmen to be sent to India to seize the wealth of India. Later, Midnall passed away in Ajmer.

On August 24, 1608 AD, a delegation of British merchants entered the port of Surat in India for trade. They began to establish relations with the Mughal emperors and ministers of the Mughal Empire. They were rewarded and told that they had come to India for trade. To establish relations, they even used pretty women. Thus, the British kept coming into India for trade and increasing their relations with the Mughal Empire and seven years later the British traders set up a factory in the Indian city of Surat called the British East India Company. Shortly, afterwards the British equested the Mughal Empire that they needed guards for safety so that the factory can be protected. During this time, the British prepared their army by calling British Army into India step by step and also got information about the army, military power and weapons of the Mughal Empire and the Nawabs so that the latest weapons could be brought to India from the British Empire. Gradually the British started occupying India through their conspiracies and power and as the British occupation of India increased, so did the struggle of the freedom-loving freedom fighters to free themselves from British slavery.

The MQM leader Mr. Altaf Hussain while referring to Battle of Passkey said that in 23rd June 1757, the British army fought a battle against Nawab of Bengal Siraj-ud Daulah in which Nawab of Bengal Daulah was defeated due to the betrayal of Mir Jafar. Mir Jafar was the commander of Daulah's army. Mir Jafar sided with the British in the battle ofPlassey and betrayed the Nawab of Bengal Daulah and advised him to retreat from he battlefield. Dawla was arrested. Later, Dawla was sentenced to death by Mir Jafar's son.

He said that after August 22, 2016,the traitors of the Mohajir Nation played the same role as Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq played against the freedom fighters against the British. By the night of August 21, 2016, the cowardly gang, who had assured their loyalty by laying their hands on the Holy Qura’n, surrendered to the oppressive Punjabi army after August 22, 2016 and became traitors of the movement. These traitor sexpelled him from the movement.He said that he did not find any instance in human history where the founder of an organisation or party has been ousted. These traitorous people have forgotten who gave them the name and status they have today. All of them were no more important than the lower middle class and even personally they were not in a position to contest elections forthe office of just a councilor.Hussain is the only leader of Pakistan who, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, sent educated workers from poor and middle class taxi drivers, sugarcane juice seller to thee lected houses, the organisation paid his nomination fee. The sympathisersresponded to his appeal to campaign so that these elements could be elected and legislate against the outdated feudal system in the elected houses but unfortunately ninety-nine percent of the elected representatives turned out to be selfish, instead of fighting the case of the poor and middle class in the elected houses and changing the old feudal system they got involved and they also adopted the feudal mentality, he added.Mr. Hussain, while stating the historical facts, said that the struggle for independence against the British continued and the Mysore War took place which lasted from 1767 to 1799. During the last three decades of the 18th century between the Mysore Empireand the British East India Company, many wars took place. In those wars the empire of Mysore on one side and the British East India Company and Nizam Hyderabad on the other side. After the death of Haider Ali, his son Tipu Sultanalso fought against the British and in 1799 Sultan was martyred in the fourth war against the British. Sultan's statement still warms the hearts of freedom fighters that "one day's life of the lion is better than 100 years of a jackal".Addressing the Balochs and Sindhis,who are struggling for Independence from the slavery of Punjab. Mr. Hussain said that by adopting the same slogan of Tipu Sultan, keep fighting for freedom, God willing victory will be our destiny and then we will take account of oppression from the oppressors. While stating historical facts, he said that Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last Mughal ruler who became ruler on September 28,1837. After the failure of the War of Independence in 1857 and after occupying India, the British arrested the last Mughal ruler Zafar on Sept 21, 1857,killed his sons and punished him with a entice of black water, ie for ciblydeported him to Burma. King Zafar was exiled. He died in November 1862 and was buriedin Myanmar. In exile, he expressed his helplessness in his poetry.

Kitna Hai Badnaseeb Zafar Dafan kay Lye

DoGaz Zameen Bhi Na Mili Koh-e-Yar Mai

Hussain further said that after the occupation of India, the British Empire was established all over the world in such a way that the sun never set in the British Empire. During this time, the conditions of the world began to change and the clouds of the world war began to hover. The First World War began on July 28, 1914 and lasted for four years,ending on November 11, 1918. The Second World War began on September 1, 1939 and ended on September 2, 1945.  The Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in World War I. At that time, the Muslim holycities of Mecca and Medina were part of the Ottoman Empire. During the war,Hussein bin Ali, the Arab ruler of Mecca (known as the Sharif of Mecca),revolted against the Ottoman Empire in Mecca and Medina in early June 1916 with the help of British troops and defeated the Ottoman Empire's Turkish armies on July 4, 1916 and occupied Mecca He said that today the Punjabi army is called Islamic army which is a complete lie while the historical facts are that when the British ordered the firing on the Ka’aba to liberate Mecca from the Ottoman Empire, the non-Muslim soldiers of the British army refused to fir eat the holy Ka’aba and said that Ka’aba is a sacred religious place of muslims and we can’t attack the sacred religious place of muslims. The ancestors of generals in the Pakistani army who were in the British army Shot. The descendants of loyal British soldiers who fired on the Ka’aba are involved in the massacre of Muslims in Palestine, Somalia, Bengal and Yemen, and today the same oppressive army is massacring innocent Balochs, Pashtuns and sons of Sindh in Balochistan, Sindh and tribal areas. The MQM leader Mr. Hussain asked the oppressed nations to work hard for the liberation of Sindh mother land and liberate the coming generations from the humiliation of slavery of Punjab.Their sacrifice will make Sindh a safe shelter for future generations where nomilitary general will be able to oppress our future generations. In independent Sindh, everyone will have personal and religious freedom and there will be no feudal system and no citizen will face oppression and injustice on the basis of language, culture, nationality, creed and religion.

Addressing the rulers of Punjab, he said that the process of forcible disappearance of nationalist political activists of Sindh should be stopped, all missing persons should be recovered-and all political activists should be released who are arrested in false cases,if the tyranny of the rulers continues then the people of Sindh should be prepared for the repercussions. There will be no choice but to take action for rights.He further said that Punjab imilitary generals can lock the MQM's headquarters at Nine Zero but cannot guard the minds of the people of Sindh. For the Independence of Sindh mother land and Balochistan, Balochs, urdu speaking & sindhi speaking Sindhis all are one.If the state tyranny continues then the oppressors would have to face furiousness of the people and the oppressors would not be able to find a way to escape.Addressing the permanent residentsof Sindh, the MQM founder and leader Mr. Altaf Hussain said that ISI and its payroll workers are conspiring to confuse Sindhis and Mohajirs and Sindhi identity and once again trying to weaken the unity of the permanent residents of Sindh. He requested not to be involved in linguistic identity issue and concentrate to put all your attention towards Independence

He asked the Sindhi intellectuals,they may not believe in him (Altaf Hussain) but to be wary of the PPP who area gent of Punjab and trying to take Sindh to Punjab under the guise of federalism. All true sons of Sindh including him do not recognise the federation because the federation controls the resources of Sindh and Balouchistan and the federation means nothing but the rule and slavery of Punjab.He greeted all the freedom fighters,Baloch Sarmachars, Shafi Burfat, Mir Saleem Sanai, Dr. Safdar Sarki, Sanaan Qureshi, Abdul Wahid Ariser's comrades and all the captives and prayed for the encouragement of the families of all the missing comrades.

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