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 Posted on: 9/6/2020 1


 Eminent politician, academician, philanthropist, historian and founder and leader of the Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM) Altaf Hussain said the Pakistan army has spread DHA network all over the country on the pattern of the East India Company. The corruption of the generals is rampant but the National ACCOUNTABILITY BUREAU (NAB) or the Supreme Court (SC) does not look into this corruption of the army because the SC or the NAB is also working on army’s dictation as hostages. He said this in his lecture yesterday.

The MQM guru Hussain has since long been spreading knowledge on various subjects particularly the history of Indian subcontinent and with a sharp focus on history of Pakistan that was intercepted in 1947. He has been very vocal in this particular subject with an aim to make acquaint the new generation with the history of the colonial era, the British Colonial Occupation of the subcontinent, the independence movement, the establishment of Pakistan and its aftermath. It was his fifth lecture.

He repeated his fourth lecture in the fifth lecture on the arrival of the British Rulers in the subcontinent, the establishment of the East India Company, the Battle of Plassey, the Battle of Mysore,the overthrow of the Mogul regime, the War of Independence and the struggle for Pakistan.

Subsequent to World War-I and World War-II the world economy had devastated due to which Britain, France, USA,Russia and other countries had to sit at the table and end their occupation of their colonies.  During this time,millions of people were killed, disappeared or deported in wars and liberation movements. Our elders (Ancestors of Mohajirs) in Pakistan Movement were fooled in the name of Islam and Pakistan. After independence, those who opposed the establishment of Pakistan became the contractors and masters of Pakistan, while those who took part in the struggle for the establishment of Pakistan and offered tremendous sacrifices were declared traitors and declared and treated like slaves. All the leaders of Pakistan Movement were removed from the path.  G. M. Syed, who presented the resolution for the establishment of Pakistan in the Sindh Assembly, was declared a traitor. Bacha Khan, who fought against the British for independence, was also declared a traitor, explained Hussain.

“The ancestors of the generals and high ranking officers of the present Pakistan Army had joined the British army and continued to kill the freedom fighters and their descendants had persecuted and continued to oppress those who raised their voices for their rights and justice in Pakistan.” “These Pak army generals also conspired against the unity of Pakistan and paved was forward for the establishment of Bangladesh from East Pakistan.”

He slammed the state atrocities on Balouchs, Pashtuns, Sindhi's and Mohajirs for demanding their rights.  Thousands of innocent MQM workers were extra-judicially killed during the military operations against the MQM. Many workers were after they were abducted by the military intelligence from Karachi were buried alive in the Margalla Hills in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad. The army did not spare even our senior leader, philosopher and senior lecturer of University of Karachi, Prof. Dr Hassan Zafar Arif.

Historian and MQM Chief Hussain said that the Army, like the East India Company, has spread DHA network all over the country. The entire army, including Navy and Air Force, is engaged in businesses of real estate and is minting billions and trillions through housing schemes marketing. The list of businesses under the auspices of the army is too long to mention here. They are running grocery stores, departmental stores,supply of veggies and fruits, harvesting of crops, food and fertilizer businesses, etc. The Army chiefs, presidents, prime ministers and government ministers make big claims of "Kashmir has become Pakistan" to fool the people but do practically nothing for Kashmir's independence as the army engaged in business is no longer able to fight but to kill the people of their own country whom the army has enslaved at gunpoint. Those who dare to speak out against military corruption are silenced by state coercion."Unfortunately, it has become a mercenary army that is ready to go around the world and fight for dollars," he added.

He said that due to recent rains and floods in Karachi where other areas of Karachi DHA and Clifton were also submerged in water on which the people there protested against the cantonment board. People of Landhi, Korangi, Liaquatabad, Nazimabad, New Karachi and other areas were targeted for protesting for their rights. "We sympathise with the people of Defense and Clifton as we continue to deal with the flooding of the area and the difficulties it poses," he said.

Today, the residents of DHA and Clifton are currently protesting the drowning of their homes but in coming days they would cry when their homes would be grabbed by the Chinese, then people will realize the seriousness of the situation. The army, through its policies and measures, submerged DHA and Clifton like other areas of the city. Once, when Parveen Rehman exposed the wrongdoings of the military generals in the coastal areas and explained how natural trees called mangroves were being removed from the coastal areas and sand and gravel was dumped there then the army and the establishment killed her, said Hussain, adding that today a joke of a separate province is being made public to fool the people of urban areas of Sindh. Balouchistan is also a separate province within the country but the fact is that the province is riled by the draconian military of Pakistan and the people of Balouchistan are just slaves.Same situation is with Sindh where army has total control and the shameless Sindhi feuds are a party with the ghoulish military of Pakistan, the MQM leader claimed.

He said that he had once asked Asif Ali Zardari that if Sindh was not given its rights then would you fight for the rights of Sindh. He replied that this time would not come because he preferred his rule over the country as President.

He said that those who are the true sons of their earthly mother do not trade their mother. “I’m openly defying the military establishment and demanding of the independence of Sindh today, which no other Sindhi leader, Zardari or any can.”

He said that today the reserves of oil, gas, coal and other minerals in Sindh are under the control of the army and the entry of permanent residents of Sindh is closed and the ministers of Sindh are busy to save their seats.

He said, “I join hands with all the permanent residents of Sindh to get ready to come forward for the liberation of their land. We will end the occupation on Sindh soil and its resources because they belong to the permanent residents of Sindh and not to those who come from outside.”

He said that those who have settled permanently in Sindh and live here and earn money here and consider Sindh as their homeland should also be a part of the struggle for the rights of Sindh,we will also embrace them.

While concluding his fifth lecture,the historian and the MQM leader Hussain paid tribute the martyrs and prayed for their highest abode in paradise.

9/26/2021 5:03:20 PM