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About Mr. Altaf Hussain Founder & Leader Of the Muttahidda Quami Movement (MQM)

 Posted on: 8/1/2020 1
Founder of the Muttahidda Quami Movement – MQM -, Mr Altaf Hussain has a very diversified personality. He founded the MQM which had very quickly emerged as Pakistan’s second largest political movement of province Sindh and third largest Political party in Pakistan. Though he was forced to live in exile in the United Kingdom,he continued to reign over the MQM. During his 40 years of struggle for rights of the oppressed Mohajirs and other smaller nations and ethnic groups and communities he firmly continued to manifest his caliber as Reformer, Ideologue,Researcher, Passionate Liberal and Progressive, challenger of the military rule in Pakistan. He studied Pharmacy at University of Karachi and earned a bachelor degree. He is a well-established Historian especially in Pakistani and Indian sub-continent sphere. He introduced a new way of thinking which he termed as Realism and Practicalism.
Besides his hectic schedule as founder and leader, he manages to deliver lectures on politics and history of Pakistan and Indiansub-continent.

He prior to setting up his biggest rights movement in history of the Indian sub-continent especially in Pakistan, he chose to serve the humanity first and hence he first set up a welfare organisation – Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation – KKF. He proved to be a real Philanthropist. Among his countless endeavors, his biggest role as mentor was that he created the identity of Mohajir – the people who joined/migrated to Pakistan as a result of their struggle for a new homeland.

He is perhaps the only leader on whom books have been written.

Altaf Hussain was born in Karachi on 17 September 1953. His parents were immigrants from India. His father, Nazir Hussain, was a Station Master in Indian Railways who, after migrating to Karachi, worked as an office worker at a local mill. Altaf Husaain's grandfather, the Late Mohammad Mufti Ramazan, was Grand Mufti of the town of Agra in UP, India, and his maternal grandfather. Haji Hafiz Raheem Bhuxwas a reputed religious scholar in India.

Altaf Hussain completed his Bachelor of Science from Islamia Science College (Karachi) in 1974, and Bachelor of Pharmacy in 1979 from the University of Karachi. He completed two semesters as a student of M- Pharm but couldn’t complete his Master degree because he had to leave University as he was attacked many times by the members of thunder squad of Islami Jamiat Talba and his life was threatened.
He began his career as a trainee at Karachi’s Seventh Day Adventist Hospital. He also worked for a multi-national pharmaceutical companies.
Between 1970 and 1971, Altaf Hussain joined the National Service Cadet Scheme. Soon afterwards, he was recruited in the Baloch Regiment of the Pakistan Army.

Mr Altaf Hussain has been politically active from a very young age. While attending the University of Karachi, he served as a General Secretary and, later, as President of the National Students’ Action Committee.
He founded All-Pakistan Mohajir Students' Organization (APMSO) on 11 June 1978. The APMSO was formed as an activist group campaigning for the rights of Mohajir students at the University of Karachi. Later, in 1984, It gave birth to the Mohajir Quami Movement (MQM).

On 19 June 1992, the Pakistan Government launched the first army operation against the MQM. A month before the operation, because of an attack on his life on 21 December 1991, Mr Altar Hussain shifted to London where he sought political asylum which was granted to him by the British Government. While in exile, he transformed the Mohajir Quami Movement to Muttahida Quami Movement in 1997 in order to provide a nationwide platform to the oppressed of the country.
Despite his self-exile, Mr Altaf Hussain holds considerable political influence and power within Pakistan.

6/29/2022 6:14:00 PM