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 Posted on: 7/4/2020 1
“Poet Allama Iqbal is fraudulently presented as the Conceiver of Pakistan”

LONDON. July 3, 2020: Muttahidda Quami Movement’s (MQM) founder and leader Altaf Hussain has said that the younger generation has been misled by the Imperialist Punjabi establishment of Pakistan as the later has distorted the entire history of the country and the same distorted history is poured into ears of the earlier.
Unfortunately, the people of Punjab consider the imperialist Punjabi establishment as sacred as they consider the holy places like Mecca and Medina. If the poor people of Punjab have the slightest regard for their beloved country, they have to raise their voice against the wrong policies and illegal actions of the Punjabi Army.
H expressed these views under his lecture series through social media. In the second part of his lectures on historical facts, he also stated the historical facts about the struggle of Pakistan Movement and presented irrefutable documentary evidence in this regard. He was seen and heard all over the world including Pakistan.
In his lecture, the MQM Chief exposed the establishment and their distorted history as he mentioned n particular the facts about Poet Allama Iqbal. He told that Iqbal dreamt of Pakistan while the fact is that he was not in favour of a separate state or the establishment of Pakistan.  But when it came to the demand for the establishment of a separate Muslim State, he repeatedly clarified that he did not demand the establishment of it. Recording of a sermon of Iqbal was played on this part of his lecture.
In his historic Allahabad Sermon of 1930, Iqbal said: "If the Muslims of North West India are given the full opportunity to thrive in the Indian political system, they will be India's best defenders.”
Punjab, of which 56 percent of the population is Muslim, provides 54 percent of India's combat force. If the independent Indian state of Nepal had been removed from the entire Indian army, Punjab's share would have been 62 percent of the entire Indian army. Thanks to which they can protect the whole of India from foreign aggression.
He quoted Iqbal saying that, “I am convinced that in the event of the formation of a federal government, the Muslim federal states will be able to use neutral land and naval forces to defend India. I am convinced that the formation of a neutral Indian Army based on the Federation of India will increase the patriotism of the Muslims and will also allay the suspicion that in the event of an external aggression, the Muslim aggressor will be with the Muslims. There will be no religious government in the proposed state, but it will be a state with no interest rate restrictions."
Iqbal's sermon is clear that he did not present the idea of Pakistan or an independent Muslim state in his sermon but he did not mention Punjab within India.  An independent province consisting of Sindh and NWFP was proposed but the history is distorted by calling Iqbal the thinker of Pakistan.
Hussain said that Iqbal repeatedly proposed a Muslim-majority province within the Indian Federation and not an independent Muslim state.  So is it appropriate and permissible for us to go several steps further and seek the idea of an independent Muslim state from the Allahabad sermon?
He said that Iqbal in his Allahabad sermon clearly said that he wanted Punjab, NWFP, Sindh and Balouchistan to be merged to form a single state even if it has autonomy within the British Empire."  Or outside, it seems to me that the establishment of a stable Muslim state in northwestern India is the ultimate destiny of the Muslims, at least of the Muslims of northwestern India.
Instead, Iqbal wrote an explanatory letter to Maulana Ragheb Ahsan on March 6, 1934 and explained his concept regarding the Allahabad sermon. A collection of these letters of Allama Iqbal "Iqbal -  Jahan-e Deegar" is in English.It read as, "Please note that the author of this commentary is under the illusion that my suggestion is a" scheme of Pakistan. "As far as my proposal is concerned, it is to create a Muslim province within the Indian Federation.  The Pakistan scheme, on the other hand, aims to create a federation of Muslim provinces in northwestern India that is separate from the Indian Federation and directly affiliated with the United Kingdom.
Conversely, Iqbal wrote on March 4, 1934, explaining the Allahabad Sermon in response to an article by Edward John Thompson, an officer at the University of Oxford.
"My dear Mr Thompson! I have just received your review of my book. You have made a mistake which I think it is necessary to point out immediately because it is a blatant mistake."  You have said about me that I am a supporter of this scheme which is called "Pakistan" while Pakistan is not in my scheme. The suggestion I made in my sermon was about a Muslim province.  According to my scheme, the new province will be part of Indian Federation, while the Pakistan scheme proposes a separate federation of Muslim provinces as a separate Dominion to keep direct relationship with the United Kingdom. The scheme is born in Cambridge.The authors of this scheme believe that we, who are the participants of the Round Table Conference, have sacrificed the Muslim nation on the altar of Hindus or so-called Indian nationalism.
Mr. Hussain said that in the light of these historical facts and irrefutable evidences, it is absolutely correct to say that calling Iqbal the conceiver of Pakistan is tantamount to distorting the historical facts and if anyone disagrees with the facts , he would rather challenge them to refute what he has said with concrete evidences and arguments.
Mr. Hussain said that both Sindhi and Urdu speaking Sindhis are sons of Sindh land, both are permanent residents of Sindh land, both of them are associated with Sindh land, both of them spend what they earn on this land, do not send ‘Money orders’ anywhere and when they, their body die do not go to any other province but they are buried in the same Sindh soil.
He said that the feudal lords of Sindh had become agents of the Punjabi elite and were exploiting the Sindh land and its permanent inhabitants. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto used to call General Ayub Khan his Daddy. The army through Bhutto laid the foundation of hatred and division among the permanent residents of Sindh and when the purpose of the Punjabi army was achieved, the same army took him to the gallows and hanged him.
Addressing the Sindhis, Balochs and Pashtuns who oppose the unity of the permanent inhabitants of Sindh, said that no matter you become a puppet of Punjabi imperialism and become their agents, one day, the Punjabi elite will use them and crucify them like Bhutto. This is the typical tradition of the Punjabi elite.
He said that in March 1927, a few months after the All Muslim Parties Conference, the All India Muslim League split. One Muslim League was headed by Quaid-e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah while the other Muslim League formed against him was headed by Sir, Mian Muhammad Shafi. Iqbal was elected as the general secretary of the Shafi League. At that time, the spokesman of the Unionist Party, the newspaper "Inqilab" had the support and patronage of Iqbal. It is said that he was also a member of the Unionist Party. The Unionist Party was against establishing Pakistan.
Mr. Hussain said that factionalism in the Muslim League was done by the British and under the same policy, the military generals belonging to the Punjab loyal to the British do factionalism in every political party and minus one, minus two and minus three. Earler, the PTI used to openly support the minus one policy, now the PTI chief is also talking about being minus one.
The MQM Chief said that the military generals of Punjab, loyal to the British Empire, beheaded the freedom fighters fighting for the independence of the subcontinent and received title of "Sir" from the British. The imperialist powers have given the same license to the Punjabi elite even today. To target the Balochs, Sindhis, Mohajirs and Pashtuns who are fighting for their rights, to kill them out of court, to force them to disappear, while the Taliban leader Ehsanullah Ehsan, who brutally massacred thousands of innocent civilians, is portrayed as a poet and writer on state TV.  Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden is being sheltered in a fortified house near Kakul Military Academy. A few days ago, MQM worker Asif Pasha was brutally martyred and his mutilated body was dumped. Likewise, mutilated body of leader of Jiye Sindh Niaz Lashari was also dumped in Karachi. He said army has been overthrowing the people's governments and now the people want to take action against these state atrocities and to stop this oppression.
Addressing the people of Punjab in particular, he said that they, too, should raise their voice against the cruel measures of the army. Any of the departments interfered by the army in Pakistan was destroyed; they destroyed Pakistan Steel Mills, K-Electric and they destroyed national flag carrier airline, PIA.  Today, the whole world has imposed sanctions on PIA in their respective countries. Now the army is roaming all over Pakistan, now they will destroy the whole country.
Addressing the young students especially the Millennial, the MQM Chief said that the distorted history of Freedom Movement and Pakistan Movement should never be read. In past, researchers had to travel far, to the library to know the historical facts, dozens of books had to be searched and researched but the new generation is lucky that whole world due to information technology has become a global village and they can get information from all over the world under their finger tips on cells or laptops.
He concluded his lecture with slogans “Long Live Free Balochistan” and “Long Live Sindhu Desh.”

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